Thursday, May 02, 2013

Staying in touch

Just a quick head's up - you've probably heard by now that google reader is disappearing as of july 1st. I know that many of you use google reader to view my blog and others, and sadly, it's time to find a replacement and make the blogreader switch.  I've personally gone with the popular bloglovin‘ option, as you can import your existing google reader account right into their system to keep on reading as before.
Just click over to their site and register for a (free) account.  They will send you a confirmation email. When you click the confirmation email you will see this:

Click import from google reader and all your feeds will move over to bloglovin’!
 They also have a great feature that I find myself using a lot – a “next” button.  When you finish reading a post, just click “next” in the bloglovin' toolbar to view your next unread post.  Pretty slick.  Also, it's very customizable.  Don't like the toolbar?  Just deactivate it by visiting your profile settings.

--Follow Accordion to Kellie on bloglovin'--

In other news, my sister had a fabulous sweet sixteen birthday party last week!  For now, suffice to say the theme was an Old Fashioned Pie Party held at the little yellow schoolhouse.  Above is a sampling of the decor.

Will I ever catch up on my To Do list?  There are so many, many things I want to get done.  At the moment, it seems as if it would be ludicrous to try.  So to combat the feeling, this has been my motto of late:
Little tiny steps.  
Relentless.  Focused.  Most importantly, hopeful.
Always moving forward, no matter how slowly.

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