Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Outfit: Fresh for Autumn

Yes, I really needed a new picture for my blog header.  
Something autumnal, fresh, accordionish, Kellie-ish.

And yesterday was probably the last clear sunny day we'll be having in quite awhile... =)  It was in the low 20's last night, and a good hard freeze brought sodden gray clouds today.  In other words, I am so glad that in the middle of blacking my stove, I decided on impulse to get those header pictures taken.   The wonderful Ellen, as usual, did a superb job, and we ended up with a super fun impromptu photo shoot, accordion and all!  

I didn't even look at my hair, but the work of the day had actually turned it into a fun messy bun... at least, that's what I'm telling myself.

I got to dress up in my new purchases, including these awesome Hunter boots I've been eyeing for many months.  They just went on sale, and when I found that there was just one left in my size (which is a small miracle - usually size 11 is not even an option;) I grabbed them.  They're perfectly wonderful - the laces, the glorious green, the slight heel for riding, and the great quality all combine to make me thrilled with them.

The beautiful pointelle sweater is new, as well.  I can't remember the last time I bought new clothes, as most of my clothing is either thrifted, sewn, or gifted... but with the growth of my Etsy shop, I decided to splurge on a few quality new staples to give my wardrobe an update.  Tasha just treated herself to this beautiful sweater, and as we love to match, I went ahead and did the same;)

Can I just say that I love wearing grey?
I've never had anything this color before - I usually have greens, pinks, and browns comprising my wardrobe - but I'm experimenting a little more with color lately, and grey is an absolute staple color.  If you don't have a grey sweater, I recommend you find one!  =)

I also made another skirt from the Walk in the Woods pattern, and I love the way this folksy rose print works with the sculpted styling and ginormous pockets!  The colors are also perfect for mix-and-matching with lots of other colors and designs.  You'll be seeing this one again soon;)

~Hunter Watling boots - St Bernard's Sports  
~National Classic Cardigan (referred to by Tasha and I as The Grey Sweater;) - Amazon
~Print skirt -  same pattern as the Walk in the Woods skirt
~Layered tees - misc. thrifted;)

Be looking for an update on the wood stove soon!  I am so excited to have wood heat in my little house - it's no picnic living in canvas when the temperatures make a little trip down to the 20s=)

Once I get it all configured, though, I'll be ready for whatever comes my way in style!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Awesome boots and outfit!

  2. "If you don't have a grey sweater, I recommend you find one!" Amen.
    I didn't know how much I needed a grey sweater until I got one! Mine is in great danger of being worn out, I wear it so often;) Have you washed yours yet? It looks like new after being washed. Love it=)

    We still need to have our sleepover, once the stove is ready. I can't wait!

    Oh, and please do me a favor - don't freeze to death in the meantime. Thanks;)

    Your loving,

  3. I must say I love the way your dress Kellie! Also, you should do tutorials on how you style your long beautiful hair, I too have long hair and can never style it due to the length!

    Have a great day!

  4. Love your outfit, Kellie! Esoterically the skirt.

  5. So cute! I love your header! :)

    I agree with Rosi, I'd love to see tutorials on how you do your hair, it's always so lovely!

  6. you look so lovely in your the photos and your autumnal blog design!
    keep warm!

  7. Nice post thanks for sharing..loves from holland...soraya

  8. Oh my... I just fell in love with this beautiful blog of yours... It is absolutely gorgeous! :) Glad I stumbled upon it! SUCH special pictures and I am just loving those boots. Excited to keep snooping around!

  9. Thanks, everyone! =)

    Tasha, I managed to accede to your request - I have not frozen. And now, I'm sitting here actually roasting!

    Rosi & Amanda - yes, I have several hairstyle tutorials planned, as soon as I find the time to put them together;) Stay tuned!

    And Serena - you completely made my day with that spell-check typo - don't you just love the little things words do sometimes? =D Love it when that happens...

    es·o·ter·ic - of special, rare, or unusual interest

  10. Welcome, Krystina! So glad you stopped by! =)

  11. Hi there, I just found your blog, it looks so nice! Your title made me have to check it out, since I love squeezeboxes and play some myself (melodeon and trying to learn concertina). These photos are lovely!!

  12. Thanks so much for you note, Susi! I always wanted to try out a concertina... maybe someday=) So glad to meet you!

  13. The concertina is a gorgeous little instrument but sadly very expensive if you want one that is good. I have a cheap one but at least one that is not as bad as it could have been for 300 euros.... If/when I start playing more, which I hope I'll do, I'll invest in a better one, I have some nice contacts in the UK among the Morris players.

  14. A grey sweater is most definitely a necessity in any wardrobe :) I have at least 3 grey sweaters. They get LOTS of use.

  15. I just love your tall, glossy boots shining in the sun!
    Use them often!
    They are ment to be used and for everyone to be seen :-)


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