Monday, October 03, 2011

Outfit: Walk in the Woods

Yesterday was one of those memorable, golden days of early fall - when the season is so young that it seems only a promise of the autumn to come.

The perfect day for a photo shoot featuring my newest design - the Walk in the Woods skirt.

My fabulous photographer sister are I had far too much fun with one.  I wore my 'photo shoot only' scalloped leather heels - the ones that are so adorable that I can't bear not to wear them, yet so uncomfortable that they are really only good for posing.  And I did indeed go for a walk in the woods while wearing them, looking for the perfect locations to set off this super fun ensemble.

I was first inspired by the beautiful potting shed skirt that Casey created, which is based off of a mid 40s Hollywood pattern for an a-line, gored skirt. Going on her pictures, I drafted my version.  The sculpted waistband was really fun, and I love the finished look the contrasting top stitching gives this piece!
The book-sized pockets are truly icing on the cake, adding both practicability and a really unique design detail.  Plus, it's so fun to walk along with your hands cozily ensconced in their roomy depths!

This skirt is a truly delightful wardrobe staple.  It's unique, eye-catching, versatile,  and has a lovely vintage feel.

plaid flannel camp shirt - fred meyer
green tee - thrifted
denim skirt - original design, available on Etsy
leather heels - gifted
locket - 13th birthday
headband - gifted
pussy willows - gathered and dried in the spring

While on our woodland ramble, I spotted a wonderful, enormous, moss-covered stone ledge.  It was designed for my photo shoot, and I decided to pose some sleeping beauty inspired shots - Ellen looked at me as if to say "you wouldn't dare!"  Little spiders, thick moss, myriads of little lichen were strewn over the surface, but my lot was cast.  Down I went, right down to letting my hair swirl over the needles and tiny natural objects.  It was an unpleasant sensation, but I think it was worth it... ;D

Just keeping it real here -
"Ellen, I feel so ridiculous!  Hurry up and get me out of here!"  I may look as if I were in the throes of death, but if so, I apologize for the misrepresentation.  In truth, I am laughing so hard that it's a wonder I kept breathing...

But like so many things, it's the memories you carry with you, rather than the feeling of the moment - that is what makes life beautiful.


  1. Such a cute outfit! And, the sleeping beauty pictures were lovely. :)

  2. Ellen takes such lovely pictures.
    And you, my dearest friend, are absolutely beautiful!
    Love you,

  3. Oh, it looks like you had so much fun! The skirt is just right for that sort of thing. :)

  4. Actually, the second "Sleeping Beauty" picture looks exactly like you found something incredibly funny. Priceless. :-D

    Neat skirt! I especially like the shaped waistband and big pockets! Skirts are just so much more practical with pockets...if for no other reason than to give one a place to put one's hands. ;-)

    God bless, and happy sewing,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  5. Grace Discher10/5/11, 8:05 PM

    I just wanted to say one thing:

    "Oh my word! You have beautiful hair!"

    I'm done.

    Great pictures, and cute outfit! :) Thanks for the post. :D

  6. Wonderful! You did a fabulous job on the skirt - I would never have guess that it was home crafted. Beautiful! Yes - I totally agree that your hair is stunning and you look great in these photos!

  7. I am in LOVE with this post! Your blog is simply delightful!

  8. Aww, thank you all for your sweet comments! They made my day;)

  9. Those shoes are cute and you have gorgeous hair. :) This photoshoot is really sweet!

  10. How's life been treating you lately? Seen any coyotes, deer, elk, or bear wandering around? If you have, let me know. Thanks.

    BTW, what's with wearing shoes that are uncomfortable. Doesn't seem logical.


  11. Ani:
    While I most certainly disapprove of making a differentiation between male and feminine logic, I must divulge that there is one defining factor - feminine vanity. It brings up more logical variables than I care to elaborate on at the moment... =)

    Oh, and if I do see any coyotes, deer, elk, or bear wandering around, I'll most certainly put them in the freezer myself - let you know, my eye!

  12. Yeah right, as if you got tags for last three animals mentioned. Coyotes I could see you shooting as you don't need a tag. But I'll bet you don't have a valid hunting license. Besides, you don't use a 30-30 on bear or elk. Unless you either want to be mauled, or only wound the animal enough to make it suffer for at least a week before it dies, if it dies.



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