Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Viscount

I have news!  Wonderful news!  I... have....
Drum roll please...
Purchased a vintage sewing machine in it's own darling sewing table!!! 
As you probably guessed, I am very excited.  
It is the most unique sewing machine I have ever seen.  And it sews beautifully!  I adore everything about it!  Really - have you ever seen a robin's-egg-blue sewing machine?  It reminds me of a soda fountain and a retro rocket ship rolled into one.  I think it was made sometime in the 50s.  And... I made the bargain of the century by getting the machine, table, a chair, a sheet of glass to set on top of the table, and a can of touch-up paint for $20!  

I am smitten with the table, too... the cunning little thing!  If only I had a place to put it, now...  that would be perfect!  As it is, I guess I'll have to keep it on the back bunk.  Only then I can't open it.  Patience, patience...
*Slam*  Now we can go home!!
(Name that line...!;)
~Happy Trails!~

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Lady Jeanne-Marie... and Her French maid

The other day I tried out this amazing pompadour on a nothing-loath Ellen, and the result, though not so amazing as I had envisioned, (It fell out, so to speak, a short while afterwards;) was quite lovely.  
“Jo’s nineteen hair-pins all seemed stuck straight into her head, which was not exactly comfortable; but dear me, let us be elegant or die!”
 -L.M. Alcott
I only used fifty-six hairpins, rest assured.  I counted.
- Miss Kellie Ann
"Now, Ellen, look very haughty.  Supercilious.  Perfect!"

Au Reviore!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Fresh from Hawaii

Meet my ukulele.

I'm quite overwhelmed.  In fact, I am happy and excited and overjoyed and surprised!!

Grampy, thank you!!!

Look what Grampy sent me!!!

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