Saturday, June 30, 2012


That's what I'm talking about - sunlight that dapples the canvas walls of my home every early evening, in the golden hour.
It fills my heart with inexpressible joy.

Lilacs and cream sodas and black and white keys, while a more transient pleasure, do that too.

Currently reading The Graphic Design Exercise Book... lots to learn and enjoy there. 

P.S. We just took a trip to the top of the world... can't wait to share pictures<3

Friday, June 29, 2012

In the Shop | Tiered Skirts

Rosebud Stripe Tired Skirt - Ruffled Prairie Skirt - Ready to Ship
Gathered Jean Skirt - Womens Long Denim Tired Skirt - Ready to Ship
Rosebud Print Tired Skirt - Girl's Ruffled Prairie Skirt - Ready to Ship
Gathered Jean Skirt - Womens Long Denim Tired Skirt - Ready to Ship
China Blue floral Tired Skirt - Ruffled Prairie Skirt - Ready to Ship
Gathered Jean Skirt - Womens Long Denim Tired Skirt - Ready to ShipIn the Shop:

Denim and cotton print tiered skirts!

These darling, versatile skirts are an essential for every girl's and woman's wardrobe! Dress them up or down, modern or vintage style - these lovely staples will fit right in through all seasons.

Running errands, doing chores, picnicking, boating, going out for ice cream - trips to the library, road tripping, dancing in the rain.  These skirts will take you just about anywhere you need to go in stylish comfort!
This is the quintessential skirt style - three gathered tiers are wonderful for layering, and are sure to bring compliments to your impeccable fashion sense!

♥ Stitched with love in my Wall Tent studio! ♥

Don't forget - the Buy an apron, get any dishtowel free special is still valid - limited time only!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Winner's Circle | Dress Review from eShakti

You've probably heard by now of the fabulous new clothing company that specializes in fully customizeable clothing, eShakti!
However, if you have not, I am so excited to have the opportunity to do so now.

I was beyond thrilled when Jennifer, marketing manager of eShakti, recently contacted me and asked if I would review one of their products.
The process was so streamlined and enjoyable.  This company has been growing by leaps and bounds, and their customer service is excellent.

And their products?
Insanely adorable.

             Lady in Red dress

eShakti’s custom capabilities allow shoppers to easily tailor any item to their specific requirements ensuring a flattering fit and unique look. Built-in online customization tools allow women to modify original fashions to fit their size, shape and personal style. Unlike traditionally-tailored clothing, eShakti’s incredibly quick turnaround time allows customers to receive their custom-made look within a week of ordering! 

Many of the pieces available are reminiscent of the past, combining feminine details and dressmaker finishes for today's modern woman.  I just adore the way they have captured the classic shape and styling of beloved vintage fashions while updating the look with fresh, fun colors and materials!
Dresses, skirts, tops, cardigans, jackets and scarves are available in a wide array of fabrics and colors ranging from size 0 to 26W and Custom.

I had such a hard time choosing my review, but I finally settled on the Lady in Red dress.  I've never had a little black dress... actually, I've never really had anything black before!  I. Love. This. Dress.

I received the fully customized option, and was able to specify hem length, sleeve type, full body measurements, and more. 
I must say that I was a little disappointed with the fit, which turned out to be several sizes too large - and the neckline was several inches lower than I was expecting because of that.  However, a belt fixes it all quite nicely, so I'm not too worried in my case. 

But the main point that reconciled me to the fit was the thought that this dress ought to fit me for the rest of my life!  We'll see... :grin:
I am very impressed with the quality and attention to detail - this dress even has side seam pockets!  Nice, deep ones at that.

 I need to sew something to fill in the neckline - for the shoot, I just tucked in a bit of black fabric I had.  Inexcusable, I know:)
I styled this outfit shortly after watching Secretariat (for the what? third time?  That film is amazing!) and wanted something whimsically inspired by what I might wear as an owner, meeting my horse in the Winner's Circle.
I know, the western bridle is a little bit unconvincing, but my english bridle is currently MIA... very sad:)
Whoever says black and brown don't go together obviously never saw a bay horse.  Their gleaming rich brown coats and black points (mane, tail, legs) are one of the most beautiful combinations of all!

Brownie, our retired racehorse, graciously assented to pose with me for this shoot - most of the time.
(Even horses have their awkward moments;D )

In a word:  Delighted.
Thanks, eShakti!
 Dress | c/o eShakti
Belt | thrifted
Pearls | gift
Oxfords | Eurostep Gabrielle
Gloves | my Grandmother's
silk peony | thrifted
Petticoat | Kellie Falconer Design

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Epic Collection Photoshoot | Pt. 2

At last, the next installment of photos from the Summer Collection shoot.

Summer's full upon us now, and it's been crazy trying to balance life with my work and other projects... a week never went by so fast as the last one.  I'm working on the shop listings whenever I can, and they'll all be on there... soon!  
For now, enjoy as we get another peek into the charm, the whimsy, the hysterical belly laughs and dappled sunshine of The Shoot.
{Find these darling hoops for sale here!} 
Just one more slot left to get the Buy an apron, get any dishtowel free special - hurry, hurry!
Right in the middle of shooting the aprons, we looked over and saw... 
I'm not sure... so don't ask.  A burrito, perhaps?  A, Eskimo?
Whatever it was, we didn't quarrel with another excuse to laugh ourselves silly.
Packing up... it took about 30 minutes and the combined efforts of seven people to get this pop-up dressing room packed away.  Like a windshield sunshade, only bigger...and meaner;)
Some ocarina music
We slipped down the the lake for a bit to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine.
Then home again with the happy, contented feeling you get at the end of a tiring, but lovely day.
So many more pictures - can't wait to get them up here!

So tell me... which new product is your favorite?
Aprons, skirts, headbands, tote bags, buntings, dishtowels, embroidery hoop art, petticoats, bow belts...
Oh my!
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