Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Hello and a New Hat

Firstly, I can assure y'all that I am still alive.
I wonder, why do bloggers feel as if they have to reassure their readers of that rather obvious fact after any prolonged absence?  
Anyway, we went to the thrift store today, and just guess what I should find?  Nothing other than a darling bit of retro millinery for fifty cents!
It's black velvet.
It has the cutest little bows sticking out every which way.
It looks like something Clarissa would wear from Mr. Smith goes to Washington.
And I love it.
I have plans for it that include black tulle and a fluffy white feather.
Have a wonderful week, ladies!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

A worthy champion for a worthy cause

"Dancing in those days was as art to be acquired with long study.  It was a necessity that gentlemen should dance, and dance well, and the stately minuet required accuracy, grace, and dignity.  
Dancing in those days was an art; it has fallen grievously from that high estate."
-G. A. Henty, The Cornet of Horse

Monday, January 04, 2010

In which I update my readers on various random happenings

I just thought I'd share a few pictures from the last few weeks highlighting our happenings.  Now or never, say I=)
Here goes! 
For a few years now, we have taken a picture in this same position, in this same setting, and I think it is now an established tradition, which started quite by accident=)  It's so neat to be able to see how much we've changed over the years!
~Christmas 2005~
 ~Christmas 2008~
 ~Christmas 2009~
(You will notice the two girls on the end are always matching by a seeming miracle.  Some things never change;)
The President, Vice-President, and Charter Member of The-Thing-That's-In-The-Closet - otherwise known as the Big Girl's Club=)
All the girls
A lovely shot of the non-tribal hairstyle=)  (It was at this juncture that Aubrey said I looked like I could send heretics to the stake without compunction:)
Fun with Photo Booth;)
I had a lot of fun working on these shepherdess dishtowels for a custom order -
As well as a new line of country girl dishtowels=)
We were able to visit G.G. (our great grandma) this week.  She lives in town, so we don't see her a often as we used to.  
She is such an amazing person!  She and her family - she was the oldest of 17 - lived in London during the air raids of W.W.ll.  G.G always has a story or two to tell us!
And, last but not least, today the girls and I got out a wool felting kit we were given awhile back, and I made this darling old couple=)  
I am entranced with wool felting... it is so much fun!!  Well, that is, when the needle pokes the wool, and not my finger;)
My sweet helper, donning a lovely coating of apricot jam=)
I have been working hard on my online shop, and I hope to see you there soon!  I received my business cards in the mail the other day, which was very exciting:)
May you all have a very blessed new year!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Gipsy in the Parlor

Or, What Cabin Fever Can Do To You. . .

Or, What Cabin Fever Can Do To You

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