Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Preview of Paradise

A week on Kauai, then road tripping up the California and Oregon coast made for a honeymoon in paradise.  High adventure, unbelievable beauty, and little sleep headed the agenda, and I think it's safe to say we kicked off our new life together pretty much perfectly.

More adventuring photos to come!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Us | The day in a million words

Our day was unbelievably blessed.  The sky was a perfect cathedral of blue heaven rimmed with shimmering green and gold and the majestic mountains I love so much.
We were surrounded by loving faces and helping hands.  Joy and beauty ran wild.  We could feel God's peace and power almost as a tangible thing, wrapping around us and everyone present.  The bagpipes had a mind of their own and my veil tried to eat me at the end of the isle, the dancing was crazy awesome and doing aerials in a wedding dress was much less disastrous than I anticipated.  Dancing for the very first time with my husband was aaammazing.

Celebrating the end of the second-by-second countdown to becoming one with my love and the start of our forever through Christ's love.
It was absolutely the best day ever.

One of the countless awesome blessings we experienced during the planning process was meeting the VanHoutans - Daniel and Abby Jo found us through my blog, and we instantly connected through a love of all things vintage, filmmaking, and the forgotten arts.  They are such an awesome couple with a beautiful family, and their talent is absolutely staggering.  Having them film our wedding day was a complete joy.

They're celebrating their new website, ForgottenWayFilms.com, by offering a fabulous 50% off wedding films booked for June 2015!  Check it out here!

I'm so excited to share the highlight video they put together for our day.

 Christopher and I are getting settled into our little home and I can't wait to share the wedding photos!  My studio is almost all set up again, and the shop is now filling orders once more.  It's so good to finally be home.

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