Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gold | Holiday 2014

Outfit Details:
a thrifted polka dot sweater and glitzy belt
sparkling scalloped flats by ModCloth

I had to restyle the dotty sweater from the last post so you could see how the polka dots gradiate in size on the sleeves, which, for a polka dot sweater, is just the best.  Of course I didn't realize I had used said sweater twice in a row till I was uploading the pictures, but the reason and rhyme still applies.

I am so excited about this newest addition to the floor length tulle lineup!  It's an incredible shade of my favorite color, and completely, absolutely perfect for all of the holiday events fast coming up.  Take it to the symphony, take it to the family gathering, take it to the glitzy New Year's Eve bash.
I took mine to the city beach in Sandpoint for an arctic stroll down the pier with North Idaho's very own Lady Liberty.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hopeless Wanderer

You heard my voice 
I came out of the woods by choice
Shelter also gave their shade
But in the dark I have no name

So leave that click in my head
And I will remember the words that you said
Left a clouded mind and a heavy heart
But I was sure we could see a new start

So when your hope's on fire
But you know your desire
Don't hold a glass over the flame
Don't let your heart grow cold
I will call you by name
I will share your road

But hold me fast, Hold me fast
'Cause I'm a hopeless wanderer
And hold me fast, Hold me fast
'Cause I'm a hopeless wanderer

I wrestled long with my youth
We tried so hard to live in the truth
But do not tell me all is fine
When I lose my head, I lose my spine

But hold me fast, Hold me fast
'Cause I'm a hopeless wanderer
I will learn, I will learn to love
the skies I'm under.

Listening to this song, new to me, resonated deeply and I've been trying to explain why to myself.

There's something about the idea of a hopeless wanderer that poses a paradox.
An incurable requisite for discovery.

The need to be free, yet the longing to be held fast.
The unquenchable desire to go, go where one have never gone before and to experience to the fullest the unknown.
The determination to learn, along the way, to understand and embrace the present.  It may hold a difficult lesson and the victory of mastery.  Perhaps the thrilling beauty of a brilliant horizon.  Perhaps uncertainty and the challenge to keep walking, in faith.
 Sometimes it holds all that and more.

never neglect to love the skies you're under
and don't ever be afraid to wander.

And lastly, the road need never be walked alone.
He holds us fast, calls us each by name.  He will share our road.

Outfit Details
A bomber jacket by ModCloth
a knit circle skirt by Kellie Falconer
a pair of adventurous boots off of Amazon
a thrifted dotty sweater

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Outfit Details:
the Edinburgh skirt from Kellie Falconer Design
a cardigan by Tulle
a thrifted top and heels
shades by Buckle

I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gone, gone gone | scarlet linen

Outfit Details:
Scarlet linen skirt // Kellie Falconer Design
a floral secretary blouse // made by me
a pair of leather flats // thrifted

The middle of regal October, crowned with golden light and scarlet leaves.  It's my absolute favorite.

It filled me with a craving for something vibrant in my wardrobe, a pop of red.  Walking through a fabric shop last week,  running my hands over the bolts of material as I strolled past (if you haven't made a habit of this, you should - it's amazingly therapeutic), I came to this rich red linen and went no further.  It came home with me and became a new skirt, paired with a floral voile blouse I made last year.

I thought some of you might be craving something vibrant in your wardrobe too, and if so, you're in luck -  Check it out in the shop!

Red is such an incredible color.  Rich, passionate, courageous, bold.
It makes me want to dance.  It makes the world spin a little faster and life sing a little louder.
Red aways seems such an assured, unafraid color.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."The well known words of FDR resonate in all of us, make us want to strive for that state of fearing naught in the world but the act of being afraid.

I think, though, the only thing we should never fear is fear. Embrace it, conquer it, move forward and never let it frighten you. Overcoming, in spite of your fear, is true bravery.
Overcoming all things through Jesus Christ, His power overcoming our fears and weaknesses, is true victory.

Mmm.  Dancing in this skirt is definitely recommended. 
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