Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rhapsody in Blue

Blue gingham blouse // Ralph Lauren
Floral scarf //
sunnies // thrifted - pearls // gift

I found this copy of Rebecca at thrift store last month - I always love adding to my library, and I'm thrilled with this latest addition!  It was published in 1940, the same year that the breathtaking Hitchcock adaptation was released, and on the title page is printed the autographs of Daphne du Maurier, Joan Fontaine, and Lawrence Olivier.  Stills from the film are scattered throughout as illustrations.  And, of course, Manderley house is embossed in ominous majesty on the cover.

I haven't had much time for reading lately, and have been heavily relying on audiobooks to quench my bibliophilic soul.  Mainly Dickens.  But every once in a while I can squeeze in time for a good read, and boy is this book worth it.  This is my first of her works, and du Maurier has such a gripping, melodic writing style.  Such a treat.

I'm also delighted with my thrifted Ralph Lauren blouse!  This blue gingham is just so... wonderfully preppy.  Loving it paired with the green linen half circle skirt, which is fast becoming a staple in my wardrobe.  My favorite color, and such a classic shape.  Plus, those pleated pockets!  Happiness.

We had quite a full weekend... Two family birthdays, two epic parties, not to mention Friday finally feeling like a proper early summer day like we get up here every once in a while in the spring.  As in, warm enough to go out in short sleeves and work like crazy on all of those outside projects that always beckon.  Also, we set up The Spa for the year again!  I've been waiting for it to warm up enough to get the outdoor shower going like there's no tomorrow... all winter I dream about our clawfoot tub.  A hot soak is sounding amazing right about now.

It's been far too long since I've listened to Rhapsody in Blue.  I realized that while I was searching though my Spotifiy library for the perfect song to go with this outfit.  I'm definitely enjoying this new pattern of sharing a song with each outfit post.  I get to expound a little bit more on the inspiration of the outfit, as well as the mood I'm in while writing, than I ever could by rambling on.
Plus, it takes care of what to name those pesky post titles.

This song is so drama laden, even at times disturbing.  There's something about it that is impossible to understand, let alone communicate.  But underlying the dissonance, the latent power, is a current of flamboyance, glamour - of bold hope that fills me with an indescribable sense of life and purpose and determination.  

I hate pain.  
Physical pain, yes, but especially soul pain.  The kind that tears your heart and threatens to crush it.  The kind that is caused, perhaps, by caring too much.  Perhaps by watching someone that you dearly love drift away forever, helpless to stop them or relieve their suffering.  Perhaps by feeling, at times, utterly alone and small and afraid.

My first instinct when that kind of pain hits my soul is to put up barriers, to seal off my heart from caring.  It's seems so easy, not caring.  Easy in the sense of flowing down stream painlessly and quietly in life.  But somehow, it's easier to deal with that raw pain than it is to live life in a sealed off vacuum, cold and still and quiet.

For some reason, life is pain.  As the Dread Pirate Roberts said so truly.
And I love life.
I'm discovering that living life means being strong enough to feel pain, face pain, know and conquer pain - then turn it into something beautiful and great.

Pain, I accept your challenge, and with God's strength, I will defeat you.
Because I love this life, and the God who created it, so much more than I fear any other thing.  


And that ought to be quite enough mind rambling to accompany all whopping eighteen minutes of this musical masterpiece.  Be sure to click the music player at the top of the post♥

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Friday, April 26, 2013


Yesterday evening I went on a quick ride.  Just a quick flick of the curry comb - as Brownie's got his winter coat flying everywhere - and on with his bridle.  I love riding bareback, and I've been trying to squeeze in time for as many quick evening jaunts as I can.  Spring is careening into view, and it's such an awesome way to get out and soak in the late-slanting rays of Spring sunshine.

However, this time, I did something different - I've been wanting to do this ever since I got my Nikon, and it's taken me ten months to finally work up the nerve.  I think the sacred aura that's surrounded Algy is finally wearing into a more comfortable groove, and though heaven forbid I ever get careless around my precious camera, I think I'm growing in confidence and there are so many shots I've been dreaming of capturing that just seemed too far out before.

Like loping horseback down a country road, right there where you can almost feel the rippling, fluid muscles beneath you, feel the wind in your hair, see mane go flying with each stride forward.  See your twin shadows go racing alongside like birds in flight.
Feel the power and sheer joy of a horse.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

For You | be crazy

Though it may seem so at times, especially to myself, I do not entirely drink, breathe, and solely exist for the creation and modeling of chevron, rose and tulle skirts.  It's just been a big, and admittedly engrossing slice of a very colorful pie.  (Insert wild, diverse, challenging, and any other non-orthodox lifestyle descriptives there.  Like nuts.)

So, for you - a bit of wisdom I like to remind myself of time and again.  
And how.

Feel free to use and share! ♥

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Treasury | Vintage Roses

Today, we have not one, but three blooming collections of all things romantically chintz!

The first, Vintage Roses,
 is a lavish celebration of just that.  Simply lovely.

Next, Pink and Green Spring Inspiration 
is reminiscent to me of a charming Spring retro tea party - just check out all those wonderful finds!

Lastly, Tea With Frances and Martha  
is the epitome of romance and whimsey.  Could any more charm be added to these beautifully curated collections?  I think not!

.::. Be sure to visit these treasuries on Etsy by the links above, and feel free to share. .::.
If you create a treasury highlighting something from the shop, be sure to let me know! It could be our next feature!

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