Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Handwritten Letters make my heart go pitter patter

Are these handwritten letters not fabulous? I'm in love!

I saw this fabulous 395-day Handwritten Letters challenge by artist Mary Kate McDevitt over on Studio Sweet Studio, and I'm infatuated.  My heart always skips a beat for hand-drawn lettering, so this project has me really excited!  Currently on day 62, so there are still plenty more to go. Be sure to drop by as time goes on to see what she's created each day!

Mary Kate's work is so beautiful - I could gaze at it for hours;)  And her Etsy shop is gorgeous.

Oscar Wilde never fails to make me smile;)  Combined with such exquisite lettering, it's irresistible!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sharing the Blessings vol. 9

Presenting week nine of Sharing the Blessings!

Pinned Image{Via}
(We had a small break from this blog feature, but here it is once again - I hope you will join me!)

How it works:
Each Sunday, I will post the new linky for the week's posts.  Add your link, then browse through the link pool, visit with other bloggers, and share your blessings!

What you do:
Just make a post, as simple as a picture or as elaborate as an article, and link up below so others can be encouraged.  Add the button below with a link back to this URL:
 so that others can participate!

The blessings of family?  The fact that a friend stopped by with a cheerful smile and shared a good laugh?  The temptation conquered or the steaming mug of hot tea you enjoy each morning over devotions?  A verse of scripture that has blessed you?

Feel free to add the button below (linking to the URL given above) to your blog as well - help spread the word! If you’re not participating now, I hope you’ll come back & join in next week!

(To view all weeks of Sharing the Blessings, click here)

Simply sharing the little blessings that make life beautiful.  Won't you join me?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Make it From Pinterest Challenge!

Miss Eyebright, from the blog Defective Compositions, is hosting a remarkably creative and exciting blog event and giveaway!

Pinterest Challenge
Head on over to read more about the Make it from Pinterest challenge, as well as to enter her giveaway!  I'm sponsoring a button badge of your choice from my shop, so if you've been eyeing one, here's your chance=)

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to participate this time - too many other things going on:(
But here's some lovelies from my Pinterest board, Inspiration, that I'm definitely planning to make in future! 
(All images link back to my board for sources)
Pinned Image
Simply too adorable, right?
Pinned Image
As soon as I have a vanity with a big ol' mirror of my own, I must make a bow garland for it!
Pinned Image
And this poster - can I just say I adore it?  Must make something similar for my wall some day... only with a bit of floral somewhere.
My call sign is Kilo Echo Seven Papa X-ray Tango.  Never would have guessed, right? ...yes, I am a licensed HAM Radio technician=)
Pinned Image
And just as soon as I spy some suit-able suitcases in the thrift store, I can't wait to make these DIY fabric covered beauties!  Have you ever seen anything so cute?

Happy Saturday, all, and be sure to drop by the Make it from Pinterest challenge!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Outfit: My Heart is Sair + a Giveaway!

My heart is sair - I dare na tell, 
My heart is sair for Somebody;
Oh, I could wake a winter's night
a' For the sake o' Somebody. 
Ye Powers that smile on virtuous love,
O, sweetly smile on Somebody!
Frae ilka danger keep him free,
And send me safe my Somebody!
O-hon! for Somebody!
O-hey! for Somebody!
Oh, I could cross the oceans wide,
a' For the sake o' Somebody.

I have some delightful things to share in this post... first of all being that this day, January 25th, is Robert Burn's birthday!  The great Celtic Baird is a tremendous part of Scottish tradition and song, and most of that country's poetry, verses, and stories are owed to Rabbie Burns.  

One of my favorite songs happens to be by Burns, a beautiful and haunting tune called For the Sake of Somebody... and in honor of the day, I've put together this Scottish-inspired outfit featuring my latest Etsy purchase - the Thistle necklace from chrysdesignsjewelry!
I don't wear much jewelry at all, and what I do always has some special significance for me.  The string of pearls from my aunt, the locket I received for my 13th birthday with a picture of my first horse tucked inside.  This thistle is the perfect emblem of my passionate love of Scotland - it's beautiful, simple, and rugged.
 Outfit details:
thistle neckalace - chrysdesignsjewelry
The Grey Sweater - amazon
teal skirt - thrifted
lace tee - thrifted
suede belt - thrifted
tartan wool - fabric.com (this is actually a new bit of wool I haven't made into a skirt yet...;)
And say, did you hear that my favorite photo editing tool, Picnic.com, is closing down in April?  I'm heartbroken.
But on the flip side, they have unlocked all of the premium editing features, and I had rather too much fun seeing what a bit of fancy cosmetic editing would look like...=D
 And was it ever cold out this afternoon - the whipping wind made me feel quite Highland-ish.

Now for the giveaway!  Chrys Design Jewelry has offered to give one of my readers one of her lovely gold plated horseshoe necklaces - I am so excited!
Small gold plated pewter Horseshoe charm Necklace on a delicate gold plated chain
Can you say adorable?  Just imagine the outfits you could style with this piece - anything from western prairie, to summer chic - or even an English hunter-inspired ensemble!
Small gold plated pewter Horseshoe charm Necklace on a delicate gold plated chain
To enter, leave a comment with your favorite item from Chrys' shop!
For additional entries, you may also:

1. Follow this blog (2 entries)
2. Put the giveaway banner below on you blog (1 entry)
3.  Follow both Chrys and Me on twitter (2 entries)
4. Share on your Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and/or other social networking medium (counts as one entry each)
5. ~Heart my Etsy shop (1 entry)
6. Heart chrysdesignsjewelry (1 entry)

Please leave a comment for each additional entry!
Giveaway closes on Wednesday, February 1st.  Spread the word!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Chatelaine of Sorts

The stillness.  It's a beautiful thing to be alone once in awhile, alone to listen to the promptings of your mind, free to ponder those small, dreamy, far-off imaginings that the hectic whirl of everyday life keeps sealed in a distant corner of your mind.  The clock completely unimportant except for it's reminder that hungry horses await their morning and evening meals, the list you brought with projects you hope to accomplish really more like guidelines than an actual rule to follow.  Sit for hours on end, scribbling in your journal, refilling your tea, and delving undisturbed into the scriptures.  
Of course, when the stillness becomes too loud, who's to care if you suddenly shatter it with a spirited, top-of-the-lungs rendition of If I were a Rich Man or maybe some impromptu opera.

Then there's always sewing and movies... 
Secretariat!  O Happy Day is some really great singing, too...;)
And here's a peek at my nearly complete medieval gown! *squeal*  I've based it off of the dress Rowena wears to the Jousting tourney in the A&E Ivanhoe.  It's one of my very favorite medieval gowns from film... right up there with Olivia de Havilland's Maid Marian balcony gown... :smile:
Watching the sunrise never fails to fill me with unspeakable joy.  My very heart aches with the beauty and wonder of it... 
(And that little mountain on the left is where I call home!)
So wonderful to be home. 
But every once in a while, it's good to be a Chatelaine.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Out of a blizzard

Pinned Image
I'm off on a mini vacation tomorrow!  It's masquerading as a house sitting job - but I know better.  This little break from the Battle to keep the Green Tarp Clear of Snow is most welcome;)  We got another five inches today - I was out wrestling with the snow this morning with my trusty spring rake.  Three hours later, and I was at it again, scraping and beating at another two inches!  But all in all, things are still perfectly cozy once I step inside my warm canvas, out of sight of the blinding whiteness.
However, a little break is most welcome, and spending it in a real house has me really excited!  I adore house sitting.  No internet, but copious amounts of tea, and solitude - reading, sewing, and... movie watching;)  I have a nice little pile of classic Hollywood in my bag - especially looking forward to seeing Laura (1944) and Christmas in Connecticut (1945), both for the first time.  Have you seen them?  What did you think?  
And my friend's German Shepherds will keep me company.  And bark at mean things.  And I will look at the horses over the snowy hill through the window and feed them out in the whiteness.

And speaking of my bag, I just whipped up this tote about half an hour ago... I've been meaning to make it for ages, but the sudden need of something to put my articles in gave the extra initiative needed;)  
It's enormous.  Just what I wanted.  And the thrifted vintage peony patch is really a perfect pocket for holding embroidery. 
 I think Mildred has taken a liking to it... :)
And... my sisters will have a grand time keeping my hearth fires burning... I have a feeling my tent will be one big dollhouse all weekend;)
Pinned Image
Have a wonderful and cozy weekend - I'll be back soon!

Bolster your fabric stash with this lovely deal!

Inventory Reduction Sale
Once upon a time there was a warehouse full of fabric. The fabric was stacked so high that only a princess could find the real deals. We want everyone to find a great deal, so we are discounting over 86,000 yards of fabric up to 60% including Michael Miller, Riley Blake, Premier Prints and more! Feel like a princess and find a great deal on fabric for your next project!Shop Now
I'm eyeing the wool suitings - at prices as low as $2.79 a yard, how can you go wrong?  Visions of circle skirts, fitted vests, and a plaid caplet jacket have been dancing in my head lately...
Hello, sewing list.  Your fairy godmother is here! ;)

What marvelous material and project have you been dreaming of?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Inside these canvas walls...

... the fire glows and sparkles, the lamplight throws gentle shadows on the books and piles of 
embroidery around me, and I can hear the sizzle of snowflakes as they fall on the stovepipe, 
just on the other side of the wall.  
Outside, it's fifteen degrees and snowing madly.  We have over a foot, and the world is a heavily-clad mass of velvety whiteness.  I'd share a picture, but as I don't have one at the moment, this shall suffice, as it makes me supremely happy:
Pinned Image
I've been working on some more embroidery orders, and just shipped off the last today.  Such a wonderful feeling!  Here's the color pallet this time:
I adore the little dog.  Dogs, rather.  Each time I drew him for the different days, he seemed to take on a character different from any of the others and I look on them all as individual hounds.  One is so very quizzical, while another is rather sleepy looking, and the baking day pup looks exactly like an adorably greedy little boy.  
The little lass is the same to me each day, however, and she's developed quite a character herself.  She can be quite delightful when you get to know her, and her quick little tongue would as soon teach one a lilting folk tune or make a saucy quip to the grocer she trips so merrily to see each market day.  And her taste in petticoats and bonnets is impeccable.

If I do say so myself.
My sisters all came over for a sleepover on Lilly's birthday, and set up a dollhouse in grand style over the whole floor.  And we ate nice things.  And snuggled by the fire.

I recently discovered this beautiful duet transcription of The Seaside from BBC's Emma.  I can't get enough of this song, truly.  It gives me the feeling that something beautiful and completely unexpected is waiting just around the bend - as if I really were on a cliff's edge by the seaside, spinning and laughing for sheer joy.

One night while I was doodling with music on the piano, I felt the urge to scribble something down on paper - and this is what came of it.  Just for fun.  The combined result of being currently steeped in the Emma soundtrack, indulging in several evenings spent delighting in Aurora's blog, and the anticipation of going to a local contra dance.  "Oh, how I long for a ball...!"  We don't really have anything in the way of balls around here, let alone dances without costumes.  I am quite wild with longing when I read about the masquerades, dances and flings on some of your blogs;)

However, I recently found out about a monthly local contra dance in the area, and my whole family went last Friday... what bliss!  At last, I learned how to contra.  We danced the night away, and I trust this will be the dawn of a new era in our circle as we establish the tradition of historical dancing together!

"Away they all went, twenty couple at once, hands half round and back again the other way; down the middle and up again; round and round in various stages of affectionate grouping; old top couple always turning up in the wrong place; new top couple starting off again, as soon as they got there; all top couples at last, and not a bottom one to help them."
--Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol
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