Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Wall Tent Returns

I went out and just sat on the porch for awhile today - my porch.  
The plywood creaked a little when I moved - such a familiar sound, as was walking to the back of the room and hearing the boards gently groan under each step.  And the afternoon sunshine filtered through the trees overhead and dappled the walls and ceiling, moving softly in the breeze, in the way I love so much.

A group of my friends and I had an awesome time moving the tent over to it's new summer site by the bus a few days ago, and I can't wait to finish scrubbing everything and set it up as the Wall Tent Studio summer adventure headquarters!

Mildred, the wild kitty who roams the woods at large and has never come near me since I closed up the tent last fall, appeared out of nowhere while I was sitting there and literally started caressing the canvas, the poles, the porch itself.  Her glossy back arched and her purring was the epitome of a satisfied feline.
It was as if she looked at me and said;
"This is back to the way things should be, and I am in my rightful place again."

I felt the same.

Friday, May 09, 2014

There She Goes

Outfit Details:
Beige Tulle skirt // Kellie Falconer Design
Land's End blazer // ThreadUp
bracelet // Kiel James Patrick
top, belt, heels // thrifted

Romantic and understated, definitely a classic.
The latest tulle addition is perfect for breezing from boardroom to dance floor while exuding high fashion and versatility.

How would you style beige tulle for the office… Nautical?  Neutrals?  The possibilities are endless.  I'm loving the new green cord blazer I snagged from ThreadUp, paired with a touch of preppy nautical and leather.  
See it in the shop.

The aspens and wild plum trees just put on their vibrant greenery for the year and it's making me ridiculously happy.  
It's Spring!  Let's go conquer the world!

Friday, May 02, 2014

April Photo-a-Day | weeks three & four

April was an epoch, a banner.  A challenge and a promise, both of which in their turn kept me on my feet when I didn't think I could stand.

The shop has been keeping me on my toes - literally - and it's wonderful.  Two hundred yards of tulle went through the studio in under four weeks.
Dancing has been too.  Have I mentioned how amazing dancing is lately?  Hm.  It is.
My best friend started a relationship with a truly amazing guy.  
This has changed the world; my world.  
Watching their story unfold has been indescribably beautiful and exciting.  
God is good.  All the time.
Stories unfolding are two words together that make my heart sing.

And the Wall Tent Studio is nearing it's grand opening for the summer as my much-missed KFD headquarters.  Canvas moving softly, shadows playing with dappled sunlight on the porch.  The sound of coyotes at night and twinkle lights smiling into the dark, memories crowding thick, but ever room for more.

My computer ate all the DSLR pictures I took in the last two weeks… sigh.  But here're a few moments captured on my phone that hold countless poignant memories from an unforgettable April.
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