Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Photo-a-Day | week four

ONE // an abstract shot of sunset over the amusement park meets a little Adam Young.

TWO // spring is in everything.

THREE // love it when a friend holds my camera and I find a cool shot hiding there.  Thanks Alex!

FOUR // building fairy houses by the creek will never grow old.

FIVE // can I just say I love working with these materials?  It's a good thing, too, because approx. 70 yards of tulle went through the studio this week.

SIX // my mother riding a yak.  A Yak named McCloud.

SEVEN // working all day - listening to Peter Hollens, The Proclaimers, and Chris Thile, broken up with an exhilarating run to the top of the mountain and then back to the sewing machine till after dark.  Making plans for the best summer of all time.  Dreaming dreams and thinking deep.
These are the best days of our lives.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Let it Go

jacket // ModCloth
denim skirt // Kellie Falconer
top - bag // thrifted
shoes // ModCloth
Yesterday I went to town with my dearest Tasha and Michelle to see Frozen.  Finally!  
Am I the last one on earth to see it?  If not, I don't want to give away any spoilers, but I have to say Hans had a baby face that prejudiced me against him from the start, and Christoff was adorable and wonderful and we all loved him.  The costumes were amazing - I want Anna's boots! - and the ice animation was absolutely delicious.  I suspect a large part of my love for Christoff was appreciation of his connoisseur's eye for that gorgeous ice. :grin:

We had an amazing time.  It was my favorite kind of rainy day - grey, but not cold, with this snuggly holiday atmosphere pervading everything.  Is it really spring?  I keep getting this feeling that it's playing good cop bad cop and the snow is lurking just around the corner in case I get too excited about this beautiful weather.  (Yes, rain is beautiful!  bare feet in flats are beautiful!  Puddles are beautiful!)

We went out for coffee afterward just like posh and glamorous girls with cell phones ought.  My shoes sparkled all gold and scallop-y.  We sang Let it Go as we came out of the theater and went through the parking lot, loud and unashamed.  I treasure these times so much.

The Piano Guy's cover of the hit theme is absolutely brilliant.  Be sure to press play up at the top!
Melting together Let It Go and themes from (my favorite) Vivaldi's Winter is one of the best things that will happen to music this year, I have no doubt.

Happy Saturday!  I'll be sitting at my worktable with my serger pedal to the floor - er, to the accordion case, because that's what it's resting on so that I can reach it from my high stool.  I'm so excited to show you what I've been working on lately.  

It's basically the bomb.  :whaat:

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Practically new, amazingly awesome | ThreadUp

ThreadUp has nailed their tagline - Practically new, amazingly awesome clothing.

This relatively new company is basically like shopping your favorite thrift store from the comfort of your couch, which is a really brilliant idea.  
My first order was a complete success.  I've had a difficult time lately finding tees while thrifting, and since paying any more than a few dollars for a tee is not on my agenda, I was thrilled to find a really nice selection of both basic and graphic tees on ThreadUp for thrift store prices.  I was especially psyched to snag this sequin pineapple tee (in my favorite color!), for obvious reasons if you've seen the TV show Psych.  :smile:  Are you a fan of delicious flavor?

The customer service is excellent, the packaging adorable, and best of all, the clothing itself arrived in perfect condition and just as described.  I'm so excited to be able to supplement my wardrobe with this great resource.  Cardigans, dresses, blazers, accessories and more are also to be found.
But the best part is yet to come!
What if you added free clothing to the above equation?  

ThreadUp has a fantastic referral program, and for your first time order placed through a referral link, you get a $10.00 coupon.  Not only that, but the referrer does as well!

So what are your waiting for?  Sign up, claim your $10.00 credit, and go shopping for both of us!  

Monday, March 24, 2014

Bunbury Sunday

Outfit Details:
Mint  top // Kellie Falconer
bracelet // KJP
bag, skirt, belt, shoes, glasses // thrifted
cardigan // tulle

I had to jump over the creek and several ducks to snap these pictures before heading to church.  Just the tiniest patch of snow can be seen on the driveway, which only a few weeks ago a death trap of solid ice.  That makes me so, so happy.
 A Bunbury Sunday is an absolutely delicious concoction of spring sunshine, driving down the road with the wind in my hair, an inspiring church meeting, loving friends, and singing with a congregation. It's stopping at a friend's house on the way home and visiting with their little girls, who run outside to show us the new baby lambs and kids in that magical kind of afternoon that only comes on a warm, wind-kissed sunday in spring.
It's going home and cutting up a pineapple named Mitch and whipping up little pineapple upside-down cakes on the spur of the moment with your bestie and watching Psych.  It's wearing a Kiel James Patrick bracelet, which is like wearing a little piece of a fairytale right there on your wrist.

That's a Bunbury Sunday.

March Photo-a-Day | Weeks two & three

ONE // journaling

TWO // more epic Jenga memories

THREE // an early Spring day, majestic mountains, and a vintage Brownie phone case.

FOUR // joy spills over my soul like the ripples reflected on a mountain lake in the spring sun.

FIVE // Tasha and I get our nerdy on after the swing dance... before, too, for that matter.  Actually, we never really stop.  
Dancing or being nerdy.

SIX // the day my 50mm moved in.

SEVEN // Something big is in the works... big, and edible, and nerdy.  And secret.

EIGHT // Sunlight in the studio.

NINE // Instagram moments.

TEN // Algy, dashingly attired in the new 50mm, and his girl.

ELEVEN // post from England.

TWELVE // homemade pizza - the symbol of domestic bliss

THIRTEEN // chicks and dolls

FOURTEEN // Nerdy, edible, and only a secret for one more day...

FIFTEEN // The Doctor is coming to a party near you...

The birthday girl - my dearest, unsuspecting Tasha on the day of the most epic party of all time and space.  
Project Tasha's Doctor Who Surprise Party.

Project TDWSP + A brave Dalek piƱata + a bunch of ninjas  = EXTERMINATE!!!!!

It's been an amazing, fantastic, brilliant month so far.  Also a whirlwind paced one.
The excitement that comes as spring washes the landscape in new life is coloring my world with a multitudinous prism of light and ambition and thankfulness.  

It's a great feeling.
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