Wednesday, July 31, 2013

last day hurrah!

Just a reminder that today's the last to use our Blogger Stylist's Collective $20.00 off coupon!
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Summer is ripe for sporting tulle - or chevron or gingham - downtown for your next ice cream outing!
You know you want to... the only question is which?

P.S. We just hit two hundred and fifty sales, which cued me jumping out of my chair at dusk last night and skipping like a crazy woman down the driveway.  We have a very long driveway.  At the end, I found myself looking over the valley from the top of a piece of heavy machinery we have down there.  I started drumming out a happy melody on the metal top of the cab, which brought a ferocious buzzing from underneath the hatch.  A legion of Yellow Jackets started sleepily and menacingly from their nest underneath, and after one look, I jumped about eight feet to the ground and was glad to find myself intact and unstung at the bottom.  
Also pleased that no one was passing on the road to see my frantic leap, a bedraggled daylily tucked behind one ear and a measuring tape flying around my neck.

The moral?  Let's do something involving less mortal peril by way of celebration... because this definitely calls for a party!  Be on the lookout for something special



  1. Oh I LOVE your skirts and am sooo tempted to buy one!!

  2. Glorious July sales!! It would send anyone skipping up a long driveway and relishing the moment, yellow jackets and all!! Fabulous news from the Wall Tent Studio! As I sit in the Atlanta airport, July still has 6 hours and 15 minutes left to use that coupon and purchase one of those longed for Tulle skirts. WHO will take the honor of sale #251 or #252?? It is not too late and Summer still has lots of perfect weather for enjoying the skirt for just about every occasion. Woohoo, let's hear it for flirty, chic Tulle in rainbows of color??

  3. First of all, congratulations on 250 sales! Wahoo! *Confetti* *Pixie Dance* ;-)

    But yes, do let's celebrate minus the yellow jackets (oh my GOSH!!! :-O >shudder<)!

    God bless, and may He bring you many more sales!


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