Saturday, November 09, 2013

Only dance.

top, belt, shoes - thrifted
jacket - ModCloth

My outfit for the November Contra dance.  I dressed down the tulle this time for a more folksy feel with  leather and florals, while the rich autumnal browns are making me desperately crave some homemade pumpkin pie for some reason.  This skirt is absolutely perfect for dancing and twirling - the satin under layer is wide enough for full range of movement, while being narrow enough that you never have to worry about it flipping up.  And the tulle is so outrageously delicious as it billows and sways that you may forget that you're just a girl on the dance floor and start to feel like a deliriously happy cloud instead.

I've been so looking forward to the dance as a much-needed respite from my big project, but I'm afraid I overrated my stamina and nearly pitched over somewhere in the middle, to be trundled ignominiously home in a state of such exhaustion that I hardly cared that I was leaving the dance early (which looking back, is pretty serious)...
I've always said that I would dance as long as there was anyone to dance with till I dropped if given the chance, and it seems I've finally done it.  However, it's amazing what a good's night rest will do, and I'm feeling recharged enough that if you asked me to a dance right now, I'd totally say yes - except that there's to be no more dancing, pitching, or mooning for me till my project's all done!  There's enough drama around here without me manufacturing more.  So let it be written, so let it be done.

No matter what else life throws your way, make time to dance.  If you're lucky enough to have friends that dance with you, so much the better.  But only dance.

P.S. Thanks, little sis, for taking pictures (and dancing) with me!


  1. Your Tulle Skirt with the leather and brown is seriously dramatic! Whoa, what a knock-out combination for the November Contra Dance=D! Alas, it must have been grand to twirl about until the exhaustion took over like a sudden Florida summer afternoon thunderstorm! Such storms seeming blow up from nowhere, are fast and furious, and totally gone the next morn! Dancers beware of hidden Florida storms even in Idaho! And don't forget to dodge the ever lurking pecking chickens!! **wink*** At least your outfit saved the day!

  2. These photos are so dreamy, Kellie! You wear that skirt so well, and I love the way you styled it for the dance.
    I'm glad to hear you had a good time at the dance, even if you did have to leave early due to over doing it a little. It makes for a good story, right?
    A belated congratulations to you on KFD 3rd anniversary! And all the best as you continue on your mysterious new project :) :)

  3. I love your outfit! The tulle skirt looks perfect for a dance. *smile*

  4. That's a lovely tulle skirt. I love how you combined the browns with it-chocolate brown is my second favorite color!

    I always enjoy reading your posts and you are an inspiring young lady that I like to point my own daughters towards as they consider how to best use their talents and gifts that the Lord has given them.

    I also love the way your site was designed. Did you design it yourself?

    Have a blessed week, and keep on dancing!

  5. Hello Kellie! It is Maria Hardman from GBC. I finally decided to leave you a comment! (yes, I have silently been following you for a while now:) I have to say I LOVE this outfit and the setting for these photos. I am still undecided if the "tulle skirt look" is something I like for myself, but this pairing almost has me convinced.:) Fall colors+ leather, and something to girl it up, like the tulle, is a winner in my book.:) You look quite lovely too!

    What fun the contra dances sound like! If I knew how to dance and lived closer, I would most definitely want to invite myself along sometime!:)

    Have a blessed week!

  6. Beautiful! And charming pictures!!
    I cant wait till our next dance! :)

    p.s.Racking my brain about the project still! :)

  7. The more I see of your tulle skirts the more I'm convinced I actually need one. ;P I'll let you translate that how you wish. ;D

  8. I am absolutely charmed by this post. :) God bless! And hope you had fun at the dance; I ADORE dancing. :)

    ♥ aspirer

  9. One of these days, when I have the money, I'm going to have go buy one of your tulle skirts! They're so flowy, and girly, and I can just imagine what fun you had dancing in it. And I keep thinking how It would be perfect paired with a red blouse for the Christmas season.

  10. I LOVE that outfit! So adorable! I like how the jacket and shirt make the skirt more "casual" yet not so much that it ditracts for the lovely tulle! (almost spelled that tool!LOL!)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  11. You are SO lovely, Kellie.
    In Christ,
    Emma Rose

  12. beautiful skirt...your outfits are always adorable!

    Best wishes .

  13. Oh good gravy are you ever cute!! Your skirt is magical and I hope you had so much fun dancing. I've never contra danced, but I swing dance and skirts are just the best with twirling! ;-)

  14. I just have a question for you Kellie. How do you get music from grooveshark in your post? Thanks!
    Please update again soon. I miss your post.:(


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