Sunday, December 15, 2013

Moving Day for the Beck Mainliner Studio

In the middle of house building, a clear day came when the road was free of snow and my brother was available to come work his Falconer magic.

It was moving day for the Beck Mainliner.

Most of my books have been packed up in boxes for the last decade... these are only a few of the ones I had with me in the bus when packing time came.  I am so, sooo excited to see all of my books, accumulated over the years, together for the first time ever!
My sister and I emptied the entire contents of the bus into the wall tent, and with our All Clear, Aubrey closed in.

In the short film below, the push of the starter and the engine roars to life... in reality, it took an hour and five gallons of fuel, four hands, a Fire Chief (see above - and yes, she does have two hands there)  and a whole lot of sheer Falconer.

But once started, boy was she ready to go.  So Aubrey took her four wheeling.  He later told me that he didn't plan to run over the tree, but I'm pretty sure he had it in mind all along...

Considering the odds, the soundtrack for my little film is definitely appapros.  Enjoy.

It's the perfect walk to work every day.  I can't wait to get some icicle lights hung up on it in time for (more) snow!


  1. Nice!!! Looks like fun!

  2. The Beck Mainliner just goes to show that you can't keep a good girl down! Wow, she woke up and took off like a champ!!! Perfect location for you to have a studio, and what is even better is that it now you know that studio is also portable should you need to move it to another location. Aubrey does seem to have that perfect touch with the old girl!

  3. Loved the video clip! Aubrey was as impressive (and much taller) as Tom Cruise ever was in those Mission Impossible movies (and nothing blew up!).

  4. So glad to hear from you Kellie! :) I enjoyed your last post immensely!
    I am so glad that you did not give up on old Beck, though I doubt you would! :) It will be just lovely!
    I know what you mean- it will be wonderful to have all of our books together again after our (never ending) construction too. :)

    I love your new header design!
    Keep us posted! :)

    love and blessings,

  5. Hi Kelly!
    That old Bus is so cool! I can't bear having my books
    packed up! I saw a Georgette Heyer on top,which reminds
    me that I haven't read the Grand Sophy in awhile.
    How ever I do own the Quite Gentleman,which is my favorite!
    Well,have a good day and enjoy the snow!

  6. Oh Kellie!
    What a big day for you and your, shall I say, super mama of a bus! I had no idea that's how old she really is!! I hope she gets to stick in your family for a long while yet; it would be hard for me to part with an old friend such as she!

    And yes, the music was more than perfect for the heroic escape of your retro home! Very cool I must say!

    Blessing in Him,

    The eldest sister and singer


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