Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gone, gone gone | scarlet linen

Outfit Details:
Scarlet linen skirt // Kellie Falconer Design
a floral secretary blouse // made by me
a pair of leather flats // thrifted

The middle of regal October, crowned with golden light and scarlet leaves.  It's my absolute favorite.

It filled me with a craving for something vibrant in my wardrobe, a pop of red.  Walking through a fabric shop last week,  running my hands over the bolts of material as I strolled past (if you haven't made a habit of this, you should - it's amazingly therapeutic), I came to this rich red linen and went no further.  It came home with me and became a new skirt, paired with a floral voile blouse I made last year.

I thought some of you might be craving something vibrant in your wardrobe too, and if so, you're in luck -  Check it out in the shop!

Red is such an incredible color.  Rich, passionate, courageous, bold.
It makes me want to dance.  It makes the world spin a little faster and life sing a little louder.
Red aways seems such an assured, unafraid color.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."The well known words of FDR resonate in all of us, make us want to strive for that state of fearing naught in the world but the act of being afraid.

I think, though, the only thing we should never fear is fear. Embrace it, conquer it, move forward and never let it frighten you. Overcoming, in spite of your fear, is true bravery.
Overcoming all things through Jesus Christ, His power overcoming our fears and weaknesses, is true victory.

Mmm.  Dancing in this skirt is definitely recommended. 


  1. Your outfit is gorgeous--such beautiful colors on you!

  2. So lovely. Red is such a gorgeous and classy color and it looks fabulous on you Kellie! Love the little dock and pond; makes a cute photo location! :D

  3. Gorgeous color red for a gorgeous time of year! Love this outfit and all of the flair and possibilities it offers for any time of year!

  4. Your whole outfit is adorable Kellie! I love the color red, it's one of my favorite cozy colors to wear in the winter. The color looks quite lovely on you.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  5. Oh my goodness--words do not express how beautiful you are! I love that red. Red is one of my very favorite colors. So vibrant and powerful :)

    dance a real

  6. This post just wafts the loveliness of fall! And thank you Kellie for last paragraph, it is definitely going to be written up in my journal under Greatly Inspiring Quotes. :)


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