Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Counting Stars

Introducing the Kellie Falconer tulle skirt in full length!
Basically, I took everything that made the original KFD tulle skirt a classic and added another suitcase full of wonderful.

This isn't just a garment to be worn; it's a celebration of beauty and life and color.  Rock it.


  1. *sigh*, this skirt is so dreamy!

  2. This is amazing. YOU look Fabulous! What a celebration of color and style!! Go KFD, the world is watching and feeling inspired!!

  3. Absolutely stunning!!! I love all of your poses:P

  4. LOVE it! And all your photos. It radiates joy!

  5. Ahh...looks like it could be right out of a fairy tale! Beautiful skirt! I have exactly the same shirt as you are wearing! Neat to see it styled so nicely--I usually wear it as a work shirt!

  6. Very nice outfit! :) Looking amazing!

  7. Ooohh! Kellie! I am so excited that you released a version of your gorgeous skirts in FULL length! I could just picture it...sweeping across a ballroom floor, dancing the night away...


    the Middle Sister and Singer

    P.S. I am sorry if my comment appeared three times! I was having technical issues!

  8. Kellie -

    I . Love . it.

    I'm certain I'd become the best and prettiest version of myself wearing that skirt!

    Just lovely. Well done.

  9. Aw!!! As if you didn't make me jealous enough of the midi-length tulle skirts! Love it, Kellie. I'm definitely going to have to become a customer sometime soon :)

    dance a real

  10. I'm sensing that, come Wedding Season, you'll be getting several requests for these....

    And only you could pair Flaming Popsicle tulle with a green plaid campshirt--celebrate on, girlie! :-)

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

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  12. Love. Simply wonderful, makes me want to run away and get married all over again just to wear that skirt. :)

  13. That skirt is so BEAUTIFUL! I must have one! Wow....gorgeous color and love the length as well! :D Stunning!!!!!

    Ashley B.
    Like No Other Fashion

  14. Such a pretty skirt! <3
    Hope you can take a look at my site? Let me know if you did.


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  16. Hi Kellie! Cute post! Tulles are just EVERYTHING! This pop of hot pink is gorgeous!

    To help boost your BLOGLOVIN followers, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Here’s the link to my fashion blog post which recognized your blog: http://khollage.com/2014/09/24/a-liebster-award-for-me/ . Hope you enjoy!

    Deni, Fashion Blogger & Founder

  17. Per the Literary Heroine Party, I thought that you might be a Jane Austen fan (forgive me if I'm wrong). I have tagged you in a Leibster-type blog game! http://cherishingmyrole.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-janeite-tag.html

  18. WOW! I have never seen a skirt like that before. It is absolutely inspiring. I just want to throw it on and go for a long walk in the countryside.

    By the way, I just found your blog and website through bloglovin, and I'm really enjoying it. I'll definitely be back.


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