Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Hello to a New Year

January 1st, 2011.
The date marking the commencement of a brand new twelvemonth in which to work, play, laugh, aspire, conquer.  All for the glory of God.
I know, I haven't shown my face since last year. . . was it really so long ago?;)  
I came down with a debilitating cold a few days after Christmas {I'm fond of romanticizing said colds a little in print, after the fact.  As evidenced here}    during which time I was so thankful to have the delightful luxury of as many Ricola throat drops as I could eat.  At one point, I wished I could just pour the stuff molten down my throat. . . ;)
Which reminds me of the day I went into the grocery store, just before Christmas, with Ricola on my list - little dreaming I would need their succor so soon.  
By way of introduction, I've been a homeschool er growing up in a television-free home my entire life.  I love it that way.  However, one of the side affects of this arrangement is that my parents, not having been blessed with immunity from the TV set and it's inevitable commercials, will occasionally start randomly quoting vintage ads for cars, cereal, and candy, leaving their ignorant and bewildered children completely nonplussed.  I well remember the time my parents gave us the run-down on the classic Ricola commercial, with the Swiss Alpine horn demonstrated in pantomime, then the wavering, long-drawn out Riiic-oooo-l-a-a-a-a!


 As I wandered through the Christmas crowd in the grocery store, crossing off my list, I could not find the ricola.  Finally, I came across a shelf-stocker, whom I asked the general vicinity of the item.  "Excuse me, could you tell me where to find the Ricola throat drops?"  Instead of civilly giving me the answer, as I naturally expected he would, the man stopped what he was doing, leaned back from his ladder, grasped a rung in one hand, cupped the other to his mouth, and bellowed "Riiic-ooooooooooooo-l-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!"
I grinned up at him in amused amazement, and through his chuckles, directed me to the right aisle.  It made my day.
Well, here I am, writing my New Year post.  I love writing lists, and my "Master List for 20??" is one of the nicest things about the new year, in my opinion.  Crossing things off is not even a part of my list.  I keep it clean and spotless, referring to it when I'm discouraged or just in need of inspiration.  It's a helpful friend, not a tyrannical master.
One more year.  365 days.  Countless moments.  Each one to capture for the glory of my Saviour.
Make more music on the piano
the accordion
and ukulele
Try archery
Spend more time outdoors!
Re-design my shop site and start promoting it 
Read the entire Bible straight through
Wear a full-blown 18th c. gown to the downtown shops and have ice cream
make a cheesecake
study Chinese
go on many, many trail rides with four-footed and two-footed friends
record my music CD
Faithfully keep my business accounting for 2011
study German
publish my vintage e-book collection and offer it for sale
go fishing - a lot
sew lovely things
work in the garden
Grow more like my Saviour  -  day by day.


  1. Just stumbled across this post and saw that you wanted to study German.. How did that go? You wanna try it on me? :D

  2. Hehe - I've been half heartedly 'learning' German for about five years now...

    Ich spreche nicht sehr gut auf allen ... Ich tippte diese dann in deutscher Sprache geprüft es in Google Translate. Ich kann sehen und erkennen Muster Worte, aber ich konnte es nicht von mir selbst noch;) Irgendwann wird die richtige Jahreszeit sein, für mich ist es hart getroffen zu werden und fließend!

    Dank für die Kommentare!
    - Kellie

  3. Hehehehe- Google translated sentences...are always hilarious. Since it translates each individual word... anyway I had to Google translate it back to English to understand the last sentence. :D

    I took French lessons for 3 years but if you cannot use it is hard to get better and retain it! The best way to learn any language is being thrown in and just having to speak it!


  4. I know, I know;D I think once I actually get thrown in someday, everything will start to click. Until then...well, I know Danke und tschus, anyway;)


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