Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meet Petrov

"Elegance is a question of personality."
- Jean-Paul Gaultier
I have recently acquired a friend I would like to introduce to you.
His name is Petrov.
I met this charming gentleman on my birthday last month, whilst browsing through the antique shops downtown.  By some chance, I forgot to bring him home.  Next time I went in to town, however, I marched in to Wiggett's and strode purposefully down to the basement.  There my little friend resided, and, much to my relief, I found him exactly where I had left him hanging from a safety pin along with his two companions.  I picked them all up, and carrying them to the front counter, flung them down in front of the clerk in the most approved fur-trader method I could muster.  He raised an eyebrow.  
What else could he do, when a determined young lady strode into his shop, disappeared in to the basement without so much as looking around, and then emerge carrying three weasels? =D
At any rate, I was tickled to find my little friends.  I ran out to the car where my Mom and sisters were waiting, and before I was even in my seat I was attacked by hands reaching and voices clamoring to see my treasures!
I chose the middle-sized one to be my very own.  Ma got the biggest one, a rather ungainly fellow, nearly two feet long, with enormous yellowish eyes and a clip fixed to his mouth so as to be able to "bite" things.  As of yet he has no name:)  Ellen selected the littlest, a furry brown thing with the most cunning wee nose and beady green eyes.  He has been dubbed Perchik.  
Neither Ma nor Ellen wear their weasels in public.
My weasel is the most darling of all;)  
So of course, I wear him proudly around my neck. . . driving home from town, for instance.  
Oh, my wicked sense of humor.  Have you ever seen a girl wearing a red leather coat, white sunglasses - and a tawny  colored weasel with a bushy tail and beady eyes draped around her neck, driving down the road?  If you have, perhaps you made a face similar to the ones I saw through my windshield.  
'Twas highly amusing.  And delightfully hilarious.  And slightly naughty of me. . . sigh.  We stopped by Tasha's house on the way home, and she gave me a face similar to the ones I had seen through my windshield - oh, it was rich.
His name is Petrov.
He's soft.  Warm.  Furry.  Cute.  Impossibly long and flat.
He keeps my neck nice and warm.
He looks pretty stylish, too.
He's an excellent music connoisseur.
And faithful companion.
Ta ta for now!
P.S.  In spite of my impish sense of humor, I have not the slightest wish to offend anyone by wearing a real weasel around my neck.  I would be truly grieved to do that.  
I strongly believe in taking dominion of this earth God has entrusted to us, and a large part of that trust is being good stewards of the animals He created.  Thanks for understanding. :)

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