Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In the Shop | Chalkboard Buttons

At long last - presenting our newest line from the Wall Tent Button Co!

Imagine the possibilities presented by having a diminutive chalk board pinned on your jacket or purse - from encoded espionage to a scintillant sobriquet, this little message board has you covered.  When the party gets too quiet, bring on a game of tic tac toe!  Or get yours with a compact mirror on the back and have your blackboard ready to go in purse or pocket.

Ours are handcrafted with love and include a stick of white chalk so you're ready for any doodling adventure.

Did I mention how ridiculously fun these are?   Because they're fabulous.  Be sure to visit them in the shop!


  1. These are FANTASTIC!!! What a wonderful idea for so many occasions and just for pure fun! I am off to purchase some right now!

  2. Totes adorbs! You're so clever, Kellix:)

  3. Chalkboard buttons. What a great idea!

  4. Those are adorable!! Alex

  5. Great idea! My mom and I make chalk board tags for gifts out of the small paint sample tabs too! I love this paint! Endless possibilities! :)

  6. Wow... these are awesome! :)
    I can't wait until I've saved enough to raid your store. :)

  7. Oh how Divine!!!! What a wonderful idea! Your photos are to die for too!


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