Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Wall Tent Button Co | Behind the scenes

I received a fun custom order from the Wall Tent Button Co recently, and put together a behind the scenes video giving a glimpse into the assembly process - and the tricks of the trade to retain mobility in my frozen fingers.  

I'm planning to pack up the wall tent soon and consolidate everything in the bus for the winter, as it will be so much easier to survive and work there.  And I'll have glass windows to look out at the snow!  Definitely something I missed living in the tent last year.  However, I'm struggling a bit, both with figuring out how to make the move actually work, and the emotional finality of packing up the studio.  It's been set up since June of '11, my safe haven and refuge and home.  In it, I've battled the fierce winters twice and won.  I've knelt under that canvas roof during some of the darkest hours of my life, learning lessons I couldn't trade now for the world.  I've woven hopes and dreams, friends and loneliness and tears and laughter into it's very fabric.  I can't imagine an empty space in the woods where it always sat.

But the beautiful thing is that our safe havens let us learn the lessons needed, let us gather the strength and courage to move on into the unknown.  They prepare and harbor us for the adventures to come.
And besides, the Wall Tent won't be packed up for long.  It will always be a tremendous part of who I am, and we'll never be far apart.

Anyway, I haven't set up Judy this year because of the imminent move, and it's COLD!  The heater is my friend.  The end.

Enjoy the process!  Also, check out a bit more soul, the amazing NZ photography retreat where these name badges are headed.  The blogs you'll find there (a few longtime favorite reads of mine!), have some stunning. work.  I thought that was pretty fabulous.


  1. This is such a great post, Kellie! I love love loved your video - beautifully edited and such a fun look at some of the things you do.
    I'm sorry to hear that you have to pack up to escape the cold - but you'll be moving forward to new adventures and memories that you can share with us here :)
    All the best to you!

  2. *sigh*
    Yes. Now I really do have to save up to buy something from your store. :)

  3. How can I put into word the vision you give me of the Wall Tent ? Glorious seams fit, yet some how not soft enough for it's quaintness.
    Thanks for the insight about change. Our family is dealing with some big decisions about our current church family.
    In short, you make me smile! :) Thank you!
    Loved the sneak peak of how the process goes! I really need to buy some!!

  4. Waouh I like your video so much!!!!!! I think my daugther will love it much too. Since she reads your blog she's enjoy some jazz music and we have great times to hear some together. Blessings from France

  5. What a fun video! I love the Andrews Sisters :-) Lovely work, on the buttons and the vid!

  6. Ahh, so that's how you make those cute little badges. What fun! And congrats on your latest order.

    God bless,


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