Friday, October 26, 2012

Judy's back

The coming of Autumn and the imminent threat of snow means it's time for Winterizing the Wall Tent Studio, Second Edition.

It's hard to believe that another winter is upon us, another year embarked on with this great adventure of wall tent living.  But, with my experience form last year under my belt, I'm confident that I will be able to do this again.  It's not easy... it's often downright miserable!  But it's what I have to do - and I plan to make the very best of it that I possibly can.

Last week found me with a can of sprayable high-temp blacking paint, which I found to be even better than the rub-on stove blacking I used last year.  Judy, my faithful little 624 king woodstove, had acquired a bit of rust and dirt over the summer on the porch, but she was soon in top form, iron gleaming black and ready for work.  I fired the paint with the first light of the year and fell in love all over again with the indescribable, irresistible beauty of crackling flames.

Mildred the kitty appeared from nowhere, ready to take up her winter abode at the foot of my bed.  The sky was the bluest blue after a small hailstorm and the air carried a breath of snow.  Autumn leaves gleamed in the low light of late afternoon.

Next - chop, stack, chop, stack wood on the porch, and rocking by the fire, hot chocolate in hand.  
No, Rosie, you adorable tornado you, you can't come in.  Not even with that face.

But I'll go on a walk with you, because soon I'll be snowbound in canvas once more for the long, long winter.


  1. Your wood stove looks great! There is nothing like heating with wood. It is so cozy. We have always heated our home with wood.

  2. "Shake me up, Judy!" *grin*

    Wonderful, wonderful Judy. She does a marvelous job of keeping your tent toasty:)

  3. "JudyJudyJudy!" :-D

    Boo for cold weather, but Hurrah for wood heat!

    QUOTE: " No, Rosie, you adorable tornado you, you can't come in. Not even with that face."

    Awww! Sad Puppy Eyes! Bet she wishes she was as small as Mildred, so's she could share the warmth of the fire. Pets add such character to life, wot?

    God bless,

  4. Welcome back Judy! You look so spiffy, indeed, in your new black dress for winter. What a beautiful sight to see the crackling logs and the toasty warmth to buffer the the Aleutian Ridge that continues to pull down Artic air over the Wall Tent Studio! A friend in need is a friend indeed!
    Say, are there any gingersnaps left over to go with that hot chocolate????grin

  5. What ho?
    I see that I am a little (to say it in mild terms) late in understanding the usage of the Wall Tent Studio. Do you LIVE in it? Or is it something you do on weekends for amusement? Or is it your crafting studio? Help me out here! Whatever it is, it is quite charming! And I love your little black stove! HA! "Shake me up Judy!" Love that movie. Need to read the book. =]
    Please shed some light on the subject for me?

  6. Emaline -
    I got your comment on last's years wood stove post - you're too sweet:)

    Yes, I'm living here in my tent full time, as our family has been building our own log home for almost ten years and are living in a trailer in the meantime. It's been a grand adventure and a royal pain... like most anything in life. :smile:

    I love Bleak House! I watched the film first, then read the book - both are amazing.

    My stove is more named after Judy Garland (no idea why! It just fits), but we always love saying "Shake me up, Judy!";D Also "Brimstone beast!!" Hehe...

  7. Yeah being snowbound is so. much. fun.

    for about two days.
    then i want it to go away forever.

  8. "Brimstone beast"! Ha ha! Yes, my sisters and I are very much Judy Garland fans too. (and Mickey Rooney too, but that goes without saying.)

    I applaud you for being a true pioneer and one tough lady! Thanks for being an inspiration and I hope your next "chapter" is filled with good things for you! =]

    aka Marguerite on our other blogs -

    Just in case you were confused. =]

  9. Dear Miss Kellie,

    How did you know about blacking a wood-stove?

    You are truly an amazing pioneer girl!

    It is a delight to read your story. You share so honestly your experience, not glamorizing it, but still achieving intrigue.

    I cannot get enough!



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