Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fields of Gold

I'm excited to introduce yet another color to the floor length tulle collection!  This one will match basically anything you want to pair it with - and with the holidays just around the corner, it's a dramatic, elegant, yet sweet number that will complete your style for all of those special occasions you always wanted to wear a tutu to.  A black floor length tulle skirt is the stuff dreams are made of.

I thought it would look amazing with a field of gold in the background, especially as I've had Peter Hollen's new cover playing in my head all day.  I went over to the neighbor's to pick up some boxes of apples for canning, and my sister and I spontaneously decided to seize the day and simultaneously the beautiful field next to the highway on the way home.  The only catch was that the road wound back from behind the dump just off the main road - so I slung my camera bag and tulle skirt over my shoulder and we commenced sneakily creeping up the hill from the dump.  I felt pretty hilarious doing a quick change in the middle of a hayfield with the less-than-picturesque waste depository and noisy highway stretched below us, but like I told myself, I'm trying to stretch myself a little here by doing more shoots in public places.  

What, do you mean the hayfield behind the local dump does't count?

Also, I really don't know what apples have to with this shoot in any way, shape, or form, except that I snatched one (my third) from the car as we went into the field because I was famished and kept trying to sneak bites between shots.  Of course a caught-in-mid-bite shot ensued, and because apples are one of my favorite parts of Autumn, and because black tulle skirts and fields of gold and apples were all happening at the same time, I just went with it. 

Outfit Details:
Black Maxi Tulle // Kellie Falconer Design
mint scalloped oxford // Kiel James Patrick
slippers // ModCloth
belt // thrifted


  1. Beautiful, in every way possible. As always. :)


  2. This skirt is stunning in the field of gold! You look Stunning in the skirt! And there is no Autumn without Apples, say I!!

  3. Your skirts are so gorgeous!

  4. It so terrific to "see you again" Kellie! And this photo session perfectly personifies fall loveliness. :)

  5. Love the scallops on your blouse Kellie! And the gold slippers....great shoot-up! I'm sure it'll sell great! :) Black IS classic!

  6. Oooh, how gorgeous! Your skirts are so perfect. One day I shall purchase on of you're tulle skirts. Not sure when, but it'll happen someday!

    I'm always noticing how the best photoshoot locations are next to/behind/real close to some very unphotogenic places. lol! Funny how that works...

  7. Love! You're so beautiful, dear!

  8. <3 lovely as always! Will you start making dresses at some point, too? I'm sure they'd be a hit!

  9. Thanks Katie! <3 I'd love to try some dresses - just have to make time :)

  10. You look so pretty! I love the dressier skirt with that more casual shirt - so darling! <3

    Also, the apple eating shot is autumn personified - so kudos for you!


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