Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Real Quick

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day!
My blogging has been pathetic of late.  That's not my intention, but the unstoppable hurtling-on of life is more than a match for me at the present. =)
So, in between everything, I'm swinging by to share a picture of my darling mother and I at a banquet I attended last Saturday.
I graduated last year, and to all intents and purposes am in the class of '10, but I'm going to be having a ceremony this year with the class of '11 as my family were too busy to do so last year.  I'm excited.
  And best of all, I finally had a special occasion to wear my green dress - the graduation banquet!  I think I'll be donning it again for the actual ceremony in June... I don't want to loose a chance to bask in it's loveliness;)
A dear friend's mother wore it as her wedding dress in 1949.
Look for more pictures soon!
Have a marvelous Monday, my friends!

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