Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In which I wear my gown once more. . .

The post you've been waiting for. . .
The post with pictures of my graduation celebration!  And my vintage gown!
However, the first picture must needs have myself wearing one of those horrid, hot, shapeless masses over my dress known, simply, as. . .
The Gown.
Also, The Cap.  That enormous chunk of covered pasteboard perched on one's head like some sort of disoriented and inverted pie plate.
(Yes, I am exaggerating hugely.  I really did enjoy getting to dress up in all of my traditional and nonsensical splendor and celebrate this milestone in my life!)

Timothy, there, in the black fedora, had the right idea.  I should have brought my pith helmet. . . =D

After the ceremony, one of the graduates had a limousine waiting outside to take us all for a lovely ride through the countryside.  It was really fun.  I wish I had pictures, but alas!  I'll leave it to your imagination to visualize the posh hilarity of eight homeschool grads reclining in a limo, goblets filled with sparkling cider, enjoying themselves hugely.

Afterwards, we all met up at one of the grad's home for a lovely BBQ.
And took pictures of sweet things.

Like these girls.  I love these girls - and look!  They all match!

And my sweet mother, broken fibular bone and all.  I love you, Ma!
Well, that's all for now.  Have a beautiful evening, friends!

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