Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sketches from My Notebook

I've been cleaning out my belongings, getting rid of ancient twisty ballon relics, old receipts, and handmade clay dice ( hey - it never fell on six.  Bad dice:)  and consolidating things generally.
While engrossed in this undertaking, I stumbled upon some of my old sketch books and scanned in some of my favorites.  The following is from '06 up to last year.  Enjoy!
This was the first prototype of what later became my Retro Sailor dress.
Here we have what appears to have been my dream room at the age of fourteen.  See the snow on the window panes?  I like it. =)
This was my entry design for the Own Your Look dress design contest by Jo Ann's Fabrics.  I wasn't able to enter, but it was lovely to sketch out!
A ruffled variation with lace overlay and handmade opera gloves
Design for a tote pattern I envisioned - still planning to make this someday=)
A view of Camelot from a fourteen year old's perspective.
In keeping with the Mediaeval theme, a dress fit for Maid Marian herself!
These I did a couple weeks ago for fun - this is the house plan for my dream straw bale cottage.  Pretty, isn't it? ;)
Cutaway view of the bedroom. . . inspired by this picture:
A pictorial sewing list from last year - everything crossed off expect that tote bag, a swimsuit, and my Mediaeval gown.  Have to get on that. . .;)
Well, that's all for now.  I'm off to a house-sitting job tomorrow - then Graduation on the weekend!  Excitingness=)
Have a lovely evening!

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