Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cath Kidston Adorable

There's adorable - then there's Cath Kidston Adorable.

I finally resigned myself to the fact that no Rich Scottish Uncle is forthcoming,  so I treated myself to not one, but two Cath Kidston notebooks.  Because, really, how could you choose between them? 
I declare it impossible.

The smaller notebook is absolutely perfect for carrying about with me wherever I go.  Just the right size, flexible, and loaded with inspiration.
The larger one is my new diary in the front, and scripture journal in the back.  The spiral binding makes it ideal for sitting up in bed and jotting down notes and references from what I'm reading.

We seem to have been designed for each other.

Off to the fair today!  I have a big basket of home-baked goodies for a picnic lunch on the green.  With friends.  And music.  Maybe a blue ribbon or two! =D

Blessings on your day!

P.S. News flash - we've reached eighty followers!  I am so delighted!  Now, only 20 more to go by the 1st of Sept for the ModCloth giveaway to be activated.  We can do it easily, eh? ;)
Thanks so much, friends, for joining me on this journey.  I am so blessed.


  1. Those are simply lovely!
    Cheers to you for reaching 74 pretty followers. I remember the excitement of 80. Such a feeling of accomplishment.

  2. What adorable notebooks! I love the pretty colors.


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