Monday, August 29, 2011

Giveaway Update

 Have you entered the ModCloth giveaway?

I just wanted to make a quick reminder, namely, that the giveaway will be activated as soon as I reach 100 followers.  As of today, we have eighty one, counting private followers.  (Which is so encouraging and amazing!  Thank you!=)  This way, I have a small return on my investment, and theoretically, more people have the chance to discover this blog and perhaps win the prize!  Sept. 1 is the day I named as the tentative date, but I will extend the giveaway till just twenty more friends jump on board.  It's been such a blessing to have so many wonderful friends visit already, and I am looking forward to the future with some really exciting plans in the works.  
In the meantime, I will be less frequent here for a few days... 

All will be revealed soon - but suffice to say that tomorrow, Lord willing, something is going to take place to mark the most exciting day of my life.

A new road, and a new adventure awaits me.

See you soon!


  1. You can be quite cruel at times, dear, with all of your surprises and suspense. I'm dying a slow, lingering death, wondering what life changing event is going to take place. You just love to torment me, don't you?
    And I love it;D
    Your loving and faithful,
    P.S. I'm almost finished with my dress! We need to start planning operation DOTT.
    (teehee - love that acronym;)

  2. I'd love to follow your blog, but unfortunately I haven't the means to either follow or subscribe :(. But I check your blog about every day......does that count?

  3. @ Tasha - I know;) But this is a family surprise. All in good time, dear=)
    Yes, that acronym is too cute!

    @ Erica - Most definitely! I blog so that my ideas and endeavors can be shard with the people who find inspiration in them, and that little Google followers box is no more than a meter to me - to get an idea of the number of lovely people who have enjoyed my blog enough to keep reading;) Thanks for being an encouragement!


  4. +1 :) I hope you reach 100 followers soon! Btw, is this giveaway open international?

  5. It is indeed, worldwide! Thanks for the comment=)


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