Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Browsing.  The old-fashioned way, with rows of books, stacks of books, mountains of books.  
I do love to go to a good book shop, and yesterday my mom and I discovered a real treasure.  Every square foot of that tiny shop was squeezed full of all kinds of books... bliss.

I came away with four - I'll never know how I escaped so easily.  It could have been ten... =)

The Importance of Being Ernest... how I do love a good chuckle over that tome of princely wit.  And such a lovely copy...!  A brand-new set of Little House books to put away for my children, as my set is all but worn to dust by hundreds of hours in the delightful company of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  A handsome copy of The Complete Shakespeare - can you believe I've never read him before?  I think it's quite time to remedy that - though candidly, I never was one for melodramatical, tragic nonsense... Juliet always sounded like a pretty lame heroine, while between you and me, Romeo rather resembles a chump.  There.  I said it.  
But I have a suspicion that As you Like it and his other comedies will be very worth while.

Besides, I have a weakness for any book that thick.   Mmmm...

I absolutely squealed with delight when I spotted this.  And for $2.50?  With the bookplate unmarked?
It was waiting for me.

An adorable treasury of four tales from the films that made Shirley so beloved.  The little Colonel, Heidi, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms and Captain January are all here, unabridged (with the exception of Heidi), with charming illustrations for each story as well as photos from the motion pictures.  I hope to read this to my children some day!  (Though it's to bee seen whether I shall look quite as darling as Mrs. Shirley while engaged in that excellent pastime...)

My sisters are enthralled as well.  We read the first part of Captain January last night, till Tilda and Clara succumbed to slumber. 

Altogether a very enjoyable time, as my good friend Eddie Wilson would say.


  1. Those are such lovely books! Did you find them while thrifting?

  2. Ah, books are fabulous, aren't they? That Shirley Temple book looks absolutely delightful. You know, although I have been somewhat starting to collect books for my own children, I haven't even thought of reading the books to them! I must remedy that state of affairs! I definitely want to read to my children when the time comes, and I can now imagine many an evening curled up together off on adventure. :)

  3. Those are some awesome finds!

  4. What fun! I too have a weakness for big books. In fact, that is often how I will shop for books, scanning the shelves for the fattest ones there. :)

  5. Books are indeed a wonderful delight, and I too love a large book, as you are blessed by its words for twice as long!

    In Christ,


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