Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sharing the Blessings vol. 2

Presenting week two of Sharing the Blessings!


How it works:
Every Wednesday, I will post the new linky for the week's posts.  Add your link, then browse through the link pool, visit with other bloggers, and share your blessings!

What you do:
Just make a post, as simple as a picture or as elaborate as an article, and link up below so others can be encouraged.  Add the button below with a link back to this URL: the Blessings
 so that others can participate!
The blessings of family?  The fact that a friend stopped by with a cheerful smile and shared a good laugh?  The temptation conquered or the steaming mug of hot tea you enjoy each morning over devotions?  A verse of scripture that has blessed you?

I know, with the approach of Autumn and the Thanksgiving holiday, we start to think about our many blessings and how much we have to be thankful for more than the rest of the year.  Why?  Why should counting our blessings and encouraging others be an annual event?  I hope you will find something to share with us and link up below.  

Feel free to add the button below (linking to the URL given above) to your blog as well - help spread the word! If you’re not participating now, I hope you’ll come back & join in next week!

(To view all weeks of Sharing the Blessings, click here)

Simply sharing the little blessings that make life beautiful.  Won't you join me?


  1. Hi Kellie, What a delightful blog. I just found you. Love the idea of sharing the blessings, and I'll link up next week. Thanks for all you share here. I'm your latest "follower". ~ Abby

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Abby! I'll look forward to seeing what you share with us!



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