Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summer's Past

This evening, I watched Summer set behind the mountain west of us - it went with a sparking, delicious warm breeze and glory of evening sun-dappled leaves, already touched with a autumnal shade of soft green-gold.  It was a perfect evening.  
The whole world seemed to be at peace - the lowing of the neighbor's cattle in the valley below and the barking of my dog as she worried a chipmunk in a tree were the only sounds. 

It's been colder at night - I'm currently sleeping in three layers - it will probably be closer to five or six as autumn progresses :) - but the last couple of days have been perfect indian summer.

Summer... I can't believe it's over!
I wanted to share some of the highlights of mine - it's been a truly beautiful season in my life.

Well, first and foremost, my wall tent.  It's been my haven, my refuge, my open door to expanding horizons.  I've never had my own room before, so imagine moving in to this little piece of fairyland-meets safari out in the forest!  It's more wonderful than I can express. 

Some dear friends visited us, and we held our second (semi;) annual Mountain Man Rendezvous in honor of the occasion.  Dancing, costumes, dutch oven cooking, and torrential rain made it an unforgettable event.

Celebrating graduation was so special - each little detail was the perfect touch to mark this milestone.

In June, I traveled down to Wiser, Id with some friends, including the illustrious members of the North Idaho Hat Band, as they participated at the National Old Time Fiddler's contest and the Battle of the Bands.  We had way too much fun packed into those three days - here we are snapping epic pictures on the local racetrack at sunset...

Watching the Wiser parade - and playing with my dear friend Michelle's lovely hair

The Battle of the Bands

Ice cream!
And I have to share this - a homemade Mad Libs style story written by six sleep-deprived personages in the wee sma's.  Behold our joint effort in nonsensical literary endeavors, as well as a transcript for those of you who find it as difficult as I to decipher the sample of my perched-in-lap-and-scribbling-in-semi-darkness handwriting (as soon as one battery-operated lantern went out, I was supplied with another!).

The objective was for the girls to create a story centered around Sir Percy Blakeney, while the boys battled to twist the plot line to feature a character of their own creation, Darth Mike.  We each added one word at a time, taking turns.  It is a monumental contribution to the world's wit.  At midnight, that is.

Once upon a time, Darth Mike journeyed afar. 

Sir Percy said; "Mother, don't send light sabers to Robespierre!" Darth Mike graffitied Paris, destroying aristocrats. Sir Percy met Darth Mike. 
"Sink me," chortled Sir Percy, blandly kicking the chandelier.

"Beam me up, Scotty!" Suddenly, Sir percy got glasses, resulting in bankruptcy. Darth Mike slipped holograms into Danton's tunic. 
Rumbling tumbrils before Darth Mike, Marguerite beamed snidely. "Crumbs!" Screamed Darth Mike, violently wresting Robespierre from Guido. 

"Yuck!" spluttered Yoda. 

Sir Percy flourished his New Toys defiantly. Yoda stared silently, angering Count Dooku vastly. Grabbing Yoda, Sir Percy whacked Darth Mike's mother, who danced distractedly over hot astroids. 
"Dude!" squealed Marguerite. "Get a life!"

Because Darth Mike failed miserably, he was a chump.

~*~ The End ~*~
(*Now I'll go hide forever.*)

Green grass, ponies, and my sweet sisters.  A new raspberry bed in the background... =)  

The annual Independence Day croquet match!

Swimming, swimming, swimming. 

Picking cherries (we don't look like it, do we? =)

The 4-H Sewing project fashion revue - my mother is the project leader. 

County fair time - it's doesn't get any better than this.  Friends, community, handiwork, and a general holiday air pervades the ground, while the vintage tractor club goes on parade, children run about with wads of cotton candy, and everyone congratulates friends and neighbors on their entries and winnings.


Blogging and sewing have been a lovely part of this summer - all from the comfort of my canvas cottage!

Y'all come back now, you hear?


  1. LSHICB!!! I forgot how funny our Sir Percy/Darth Mike story was=D
    This summer has been so much fun, possibly the best ever, at least in my 22 years of experience;)

  2. I look like I have no neck in the picture at the fair. This, is cracking me up. Now you know how close to the edge I am...;D

  3. Sweet! Love the first picture, and the one with the horse!
    I'm following you :)
    Check out my blog, It's a Love Story!

  4. LOVELY! The pictures are wonderful - I love seeing the accordion sitting in the tent. Beautiful. And don't worry. . . you're not the first one to do something totally ridiculous with a piece of fiction. :D

  5. LOL! That MadLib is so deliciously random! I especially like the last quote:

    "Dude!" squealed Marguerite. "Get a life!"

    Too funny!

    I just realized I haven't been following this blog, so haven't gotten any updates since you switched to Blogger--eek! Problem solved now, though. Looking forward to reading more. :-D

    Loved seeing your wall tent in person last week. You've fixed it us really nice--it really does feel like a peaceful haven in there. And I loved your sturdy, all-metal, vintage-looking sewing machine!

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  6. Awww, summer was wonderful!
    I love the pic of the horse and the picture in the mirror:)
    God bless~


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