Friday, August 23, 2013

Indian Summer | Winsome Skirts review + Giveaway

I am pretending that this is what I wore on a day trip over to the Ross Creek Cedars in Montana with all of my favorite people, because that would be absolutely topping. 
As it is, I simply donned the accessories and changed out my ballet crocs for sandals in the middle of another work day at the tent, measuring tape swapped for pearls and chalk pen for sunnies.

The Kellie Falconer Design Autumn Collection is materializing in vibrant wools, crimson tulle, and ruffled denim, and I'm oh so excited to see this coming together.  
Fall is getting far too close... I'm taking advantage of every opportunity to get outside in this glorious Indian Summer weather - hiking, swimming, wonderful visits with friends, and little picnics popping up all over the place.  I even went water skiing for the first time last week, which was excellent.  I also finally made myself a swim suit, which I've been wanting to do for years.  I'll try to do a post on that soon!


The lovely Elise and Libby that I had the delight to meet last year have opened their own small business, curating and selling secondhand skirts!  Be sure to stop by Winsome Skirts and take a look at the wonderful selection in their store.  They graciously offered to send me this sweet cornflower blue number, and it's exactly the kind of skirt you always hope to find when thrifting but rarely ever do.  Absolutely perfect.
Let the ladies of Winsome Skirts do the gathering for you!
top - blouse - shades // thrifted
Skirt - c/o Winsome Skirts
sandals - necklace // gift

Elise and Libby are also hosting a giveaway for the winner's choice of any item in their shop!

To enter, just leave a comment below with your favorite moment(s) from this summer.  This has been one of the best ever for me, and I want to hear all about yours.

Be sure to earn the rest of your entries in the Rafflecopter below!  Have fun 
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  1. The skirt is absolutely darling!

  2. Following this blog and other greats has been a highlight of my summer, as well as being able to visit Florida for the first time. Looking forward to a fall "Accordion to Kellie" style :)

  3. Loving that skirt and outfit...and especially the lovely lady wearing it:)

    I can't choose one favorite moment from this summer - it's been the best summer of my life! But at the top of the list would be the last contra dance. That entire evening (and early morning;) was beautiful and special.

  4. my favorite moment was our church's conference back in June

  5. Super cute outfit! I think my favorite moments this summer have all included my family, it's hard to pick just one!

  6. Cute, Kellie! Love the way you styled that skirt!

    Hmm, favorite Summer memory? I would have to say going to the fair this year. It was so much fun! Alex

  7. Lovely skirts! My favorite summer memory was definitely my wedding in June. : )

  8. Favorite summer moment? Surely swim team. Days in the sun with friends + swimming equals wonderfulness all around. :)

  9. my youngest learning to swim!

  10. Fav moment.... walking behind a waterfall and getting a cool breeze of water on a hot day.


  11. Favorite summer memory... do I have to pick just one?
    Cooking at a Christian camp for 7 weeks!

  12. Hello from the Arctic Ocean on top of the world! Today is cloudy , misty, and stormy but beautiful. Can I just say thank God for Dramamine?? Whew! Last night we pitched to and for for what seemed like eternity as we moved along the very top of Norway. My favorite moment from this summer??? Well, one for sure was my visit to north Idaho to spend a few days with you=D!! It was Epic!! I only wish I could have stayed longer as we ran out of time to do all the things we had hoped to do! Guess I will just have to come back! That is if I make off the Arctic Ocean . How do they steer these boats in all this fog and waves?? If this message gets to you, we are not getting any email here on the ship so communication is iffy at best! Indian Summer? We went from that to early winter in a few short hours up here at the top of continental Europe! I see hope and us over there...... Hope springs eternal!

  13. So cute! Is that just a regular old plaid shirt? Or was it made to be worn like that?

    1. Just a regular blouse, folded up and tied. I've found myself doing that a lot this year - so fun!

  14. Moment.......Strumming my guitar in the evening breeze. :D

  15. I love this outfit...

    my favorite moment: taking my 3 teenagers camping on the Washington Coast.

  16. Adorable skirt, Kellie! So excited about this giveaway. :)

    My favorite "moment" from this summer would definitely have to be my family's vacation to the beach-we went with a family that we are close friends with, and we had an absolute blast!

  17. Favorite moment from his summer: a late afternoon swim in the pool with a friend while the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack played in the background. :)

  18. Time with family. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. What a pretty skirt ! For sure my glamping trip to Idaho and meeting you, and Tasha and all of the other wonderful farmgirls is up there. Also loved the family trip we just took this past week over to Fire Island- just the four of us, spending some quality family time. Sleeping out in my new glamper with my daughter is another favorite.
    Ok, I better stop rambling.
    Love summer, but certainly looking forward to FALL!
    Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous prize!
    Hope all is well with you Kellie. Say hi to Tasha for me too!
    Hugs XOXO

  20. Family Reunion, my favorite.

  21. You're right about wanting to find that skirt thrifting!

    Hmm, a favorite summer that's fresh on my mind is getting my senior pictures taken on the beach at sunrise. With a rocking chair and my knitting and a parasol. It was wonderful!

  22. Love the skirt! My favorite moment this summer is getting and training my first horse!!!

  23. Ooo! Skirts are a staple in my closet :)

    Favorite moment: having dear friends move back to my state...I've missed them so much!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Love your outfit!!!! Those blue and green is very lightning. I want to say you thank you , I read the scarlet pimprenel!!!!!!!! Love it so much.
    Blessings from France

  25. Swimming,swimming,and more swimming! Wearing fun summer clothes,eating ice cream ,and having a blast!

  26. Very pretty outfit, Kellie! My favorite moment from this summer was hugging my best friend for the first time in almost a year. We had a simply wonderful visit also!!!

  27. When my husband's siblings came to visit us in Utah. We just moved to Utah at the beginning of summer and I miss see my and his families regularly. It was a fun weekend.

  28. Such a pretty skirt!
    I wonder if I would be able to find something to fit me in their shop, with all those different sizes... but they're all pretty skirts I would probably reach for in a shop, so I think their taste is to be trusted. :D I'm opting out of the giveaway, though, if you can make that possible somehow, because I can get pretty things cheaply in second hand shops around here and the shipping would not be worth it for the ladies of Winsome Skirts! Better to give a chance to some of the ladies closer at hand who may not have so many options for shopping.

    The best thing about this summer were all those trips I made with my sister and some of our friends... not sure which one was the best, there were highlights in all of them! I hope to get to write about them soon. I'm having rather busy days, with trips to the vet with our cats, which is not a highlight at all - we lost Yksi... So looking back at all those beautiful places is in line now, I think. I made it to Chotěboř again this year, the place where I've been most of my summers, the beautiful wild Doubrava Valley, and that might possibly be the best thing of all.

  29. Loverly skirt, lassie! Such a pretty shade of blue....

    Favorite moments from Summer:

    1.) Going on a D.O.T.T. with a couple sweet Lassies I know, sipping Almond-Roca-Mocha and scoring some sweet deals. ;-)

    2.) Visiting my grandma's Cousin Ray during our CA trip...and surprising the stuffin's out of him. Apparently no one remembered to tell him we'd be in the area. :-P He was thrilled to see us. :-)

    God bless,

  30. What a pretty skirt! My favorite summer moment was watching my two-year-old twin daughters feed the giraffes at our local zoo. Just priceless.

  31. my favorite moment..... hmmmmmmm............ :)
    well here's a couple:
    1. sitting down by the pond at a local park with my feet in the water <3
    2. boating on a friend's pond & having everyone trying to dump me out of the boat, until i finally gave in and jumped in the water :D

  32. I haven't visited in awhile, and of course I'll enter, too!)) My favorite moments are those spent with our friends: seeing everyone at the weddings, traveling to Glacier, meeting new friends in town and having bbq - this summer is definitely a summer of friends for me.
    PS. We need to hang out more!
    PPS. I started new series on the blog "My Happy Place" - and I'd be happy to feature your story if you have time to email me one! :)


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