Saturday, August 10, 2013

Treasury | Summer Morning

These summer mornings are so sweet.  So warm and golden and carefree.  No numb feet and doors closed tightly shut.  I've only been using the screen door on the bus since late June, and the sweet morning breeze is indescribably wonderful.
If I can only get enough done each day to be ready to relinquish it all as autumn peeks around the corner...

.::. Be sure to visit this treasury on Etsy, and feel free to share! .::.♥
If you create a treasury highlighting something from the shop, be sure to let me know - it could be our next feature!

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  1. Love the colors of this treasury, especially that Lime car in Paris! Oh, la, la!! Your Bow Brooch is just the perfect perk to add a bit of pizazz to a summer outfit! I saw them here and there in the Tulle skirt wedding shoot recently and they were just so fun! The pricing also allows them to be just a perfect tuck-in gift with a card for under $5. Now that is value! These lovelies could be attached to a headband, a wrist, a lapel or blouse and lots of other possibilities. Along with that lazy August warm weather, these bows might just be the best kept secret of summer's end!

  2. Hi Kellie,

    Thank you so much for sharing the treasury :-)
    I appreciate it.
    Lovely blog!


  3. such a lovely set of items! i adore the bows and the colors here!

    lindsey louise

  4. Hi Kellie,

    Thank you so much :-)
    I appreciate it.
    You've got a lovely blog !

    Good luck and all the best,

  5. Thank you, Kellie, for letting me know about this Treasury ... AND for featuring it on your blog! I really enjoyed "visiting" here and will most definitely be back to see what all you have been up to! Your photography is very engaging and addicting!

  6. Thanks so much, everyone!


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