Thursday, February 06, 2014

The trouble with Poets - Valentine Blogger Stylist's Collective

I'm excited to announce our second Blogger Stylist's Collective - Valentine's Day edition!
You may remember the first BSC, which was held last summer - it was an absolute joy, and I'm delighted to introduce some new faces as part of this season's collaboration.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, take a look at their unique and fabulous takes on the Ivory Tulle skirt from Kellie Falconer.

Do visit them all and say hi!

Jessica, Brigid, and Charlotte of Boyer Family Singers

As part of the BSCollective, we're running a shop special for $10.00 off any skirt order till Feb 28th, and as always, free shipping to the US.
Enter code
at checkout for the discount!

Ivory tulle skirt // Kellie Falconer Design
sheer floral blouse // made by me
jacket // Modcloth
belt // forever 21      heels // thrifted

Valentine's is all very well for romance, couples, and celebrating love, but I've never really related to those single ladies who hate February 14th.  I adore it.
I kind of like to own it in my own way - hearts and flowers and chocolate, all favorites of mine - maybe a crazy brilliant song that makes me smile (the trouble with poets - absolute favorite right now).

No matter your current place in life, never be afraid to put on an outfit that makes you feel fabulous,  do something fun, and always, always know that you are loved.


  1. Kellie, this outfit is perfection! I adore the pairing of the soft, feminine tulle skirt with the edgy jacket and floral blouse. Beautiful composition! And, as always, your hair is flawless. ^.^

  2. Great post! I like the white tulle... And your Valentine's Day points are phrased most excellently. :-)

  3. Lovely outfit Kellie! The colors on the blouse are beautiful, and it's charming how everything matches from the jacket down to the shoes!

  4. Wow, I really like this outfit! :D It looks especially lovely out in the snow, even though I'm sure you were chilled to the bone.
    Sunday Best and All the Rest

  5. I knew the blouse had to be your creation - very unique!
    And I always love how you style your leather jacket (and other "hard-wearing" pieces) with feminine outfits.

  6. Love the combination of tulle, roses, and leather for that fairy tale look on a cold winter's day! You look beautiful!! And you are absolutely correct, February 14 is a celebration day for everyone. Please pass the chocolates! Oh, and Starbuck's February delight is this Caramel Flan Latte. Oh, yeh, how about one of those after a photoshoot wearing Tulle in the deep cold of winter?? Anyone want to join me?

  7. Oh Kellie! I love how you styled your skirt. That blouse just screams chocolate and roses! The whole outfit is lovely. Thank you again for asking us to be a part of this BSC! We were so glad to participate!!!

    Blessings in Him,

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  8. I second what Brigi said! It's darling. ;)

    Love and smiles,

    The eldest sister & singer

  9. Ahh this is sooooo cute! I love your style. And of course, the tulle skirts are beautiful!!! If I had more money I would so buy one.

    Leah Kathryn

  10. I've been on a blogging break for a while, so I have missed soo much around here! Did you make your new blog header? I love the design!

    Your outfit is unique-looking and I hope you sell that tulle skirt soon! Have a blessed week in the Lord.

  11. Perfection of lovely-ness Kellie!! I absolutely love the design of your blouse! You should put a few up in the shop!

    Your paragraph on Valentine's Day was phrased flawlessly! :)



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