Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Wall Tent Returns

I went out and just sat on the porch for awhile today - my porch.  
The plywood creaked a little when I moved - such a familiar sound, as was walking to the back of the room and hearing the boards gently groan under each step.  And the afternoon sunshine filtered through the trees overhead and dappled the walls and ceiling, moving softly in the breeze, in the way I love so much.

A group of my friends and I had an awesome time moving the tent over to it's new summer site by the bus a few days ago, and I can't wait to finish scrubbing everything and set it up as the Wall Tent Studio summer adventure headquarters!

Mildred, the wild kitty who roams the woods at large and has never come near me since I closed up the tent last fall, appeared out of nowhere while I was sitting there and literally started caressing the canvas, the poles, the porch itself.  Her glossy back arched and her purring was the epitome of a satisfied feline.
It was as if she looked at me and said;
"This is back to the way things should be, and I am in my rightful place again."

I felt the same.


  1. This is beautiful Kellie! I adore hearing about the Wall Tent.
    I am so glad you got her back up!

    for the Shag Sisters

  2. I love this little refuge and cannot wait to sit on the porch again with you this summer and rock in the rocking chairs on the porch part! Welcome Home Mildred, we missed your sweet presence!

  3. Yay! Can't wait to hear more of your summer adventures, now that the beloved wall tent is up!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  4. Hooray! You're right. things are back to their rightful place. It's such a lovely part of your blog and I am glad it's back again. =] And so am I for that matter. I haven't even glanced on blogger for quite a while. And what a lovely surprise to see your beautiful studio again. =]

  5. The Wall Tent makes me want to be adventurous! *grin* I love hearing about it.

  6. Yessss! :D
    I had no idea Mildred was wild. So it's so nice that she came back!

    1. Well, I suppose she's not really wild - just independent. My sisters treat her like a doll, carrying her around and loving on her, but her love for me seems to be entirely centered on my excellent housing arrangements :)

  7. I really like your wall tent and I think it would be oh so fun. I want to know though - do you ever get critters in your tent? Snakes, mice, giant spiders? Thats the only thing I wouldn't like.


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