Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Keeping it Classy {Day 3}

I won't able to link up every day of the event, but I had to put in for at least a few shots - this is such fun!
The girl was feeling blue.  Green, actually, in a blue sort of way.  She was also feeling rather elfish, mischievous.  She wanted to go outside - but the snow was rushing down in great, slushy sheets, making her plan rather unfeasible.  It had been for some time.  Suddenly, with a toss of her quaint, elfin-like scarf, which she had been wearing in an attempt to battle the blue-green cabin-fever-day sort of feeling, she beckoned to her sister.  "We're going out to have a photo shoot.  Come!"  The one sister, shaking her head with an indulgent smile, started putting on wraps - while the other fetched the camera.  She never wore a coat in the snow when she didn't want to - regardless of temperature.  They hurried out in the wet, blinding whiteness that was the wood behind their home.  The fun was on!
The girl imparted her elfish mood to the fact that this was the last day she would ever be eighteen.
She felt it was a fitting send-off celebration.
Green Crocheted Scarf {handmade by Tasha}  Rose Chintz Top {thrifted}  
Blue Sweater {thrifted} Green Circle Skirt {sewn by me out of a thrifted curtain}
Wool Socks {Cabella's}  L.L. Bean Flats {thrifted}  Silk Flower Headband {gift from my dear Tasha}

My fathomless gratitude to Ellen for the fun photography! 
Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

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