Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keeping it Classy {Day 7}

Well, today's outfit is really the one I wore yesterday.  
But, as my photo hosting service has been "crashed" since yesterday morning, preventing me from posting my pictures, I've ended up sharing it for day 7, the last day of Keeping it Classy fashion week.  I hope no one minds. . .=)
A big thank you to the girls behind Bramblewood Fashion for hosting this delightful event!  It's been such fun! :)

Off to the Post Office to ship my very first Etsy Order!  Quite a milestone=)  My customer has such good taste, too - having ordered the "A Lovely Smile" pin back button badge=)
You know, it was my intention to create my own website e-commerce store, and promote that as my main business plan.  I've started to change my mind, and am leaning more and more towards getting established as an Etsy store first, then, when I have a good customer base, to focus on  
Have I mentioned that I love Etsy?  Or that I adore getting orders. . .? =)
This is another take on the green Fair Isle sweater of my last entry.  During the winter, it's rather hard to get a lot of laundry done at our place as the washing machine motor freezes up, and has to be thawed out each time we do the washing.  Hence, I get to be quite creative with a limited wardrobe=)
I love my saddle purse to pieces - It's just to cunning for words!  I saw one of these on some western boutique store online for about $130, and fell in love.  When I saw this gem, exactly the same as the other, on Ebay for considerably less ($25!) I just snapped it up.  It's become one of my signature pieces. ;)
And yes, like any good cowgirl, I carry everything I might need in an emergency on my saddle.
Chocolate goes in the miniature saddlebag behind the cantle.
Fair Isle Sweater {Tiara Sweater Company, thrifted}  Burgundy Six-Gore Knit Skirt {}
Italian Leather Belt {Thrifted}  Cream Wool Scarf {Totes La.}  L.L. Bean Flats {Thrifted}
Leather Saddle Purse {Handmade in Mexico}

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