Friday, February 04, 2011

North Idaho Hat Band - Cabin Fever Busters!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. . . 
Because I will be seeing faces outside of my family for the first time in what?  Two, three weeks?  Not that I don't love seeing my family's faces everyday - but cabin fever does strange things to people - better be on the safe side;)
Because I will being see dear friend's faces - even better!

Because I will be going to town for the first time in the aforementioned period

Because I will be able to return a loaned book to a friend in a timely manner - The exciting part? 

  I won't be incurring (tongue in cheek here:) exorbitant late fees. . . That is, if I remember to bring the book. . . =D

Because I will have the opportunity to wear my beautiful hand-drafted, homemade piping adorned, green, cowboy-boot spangled western blouse - I have neglected it dreadfully in the past year.  Happiness!
    Because - in short - the North Idaho Hat Band, of international fame (if they're not quite, they should be:) will be performing at the Open Arms PCC Benefit Concert!  Hence, good times with good friends, terrible (Hysterical)  jokes, and the best music around.
      Happy Trails, y'all!

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