Monday, April 30, 2012

Button, Button...

Buttons... how I love buttons!  Collecting and sewing with vintage ones, designing pinback ones, and looking at adorable blog ones all make me very happy.

So, I decided it was high time I provided a selection for you, my dear readers of Accordion to Kellie!

Just Click Here to see the entire array - and if you do grab one for your blog or site, be sure to let me know because I'd just love to come say hello!

Accordion to Kellie

Marvelous Monday, friends!


  1. I chose one of the new ones...first I think its prettier and secondly the size matches my other buttons better. I love the buttons in the picture. Are those your buttons? Where is a good place to find vintage buttons?

  2. Since I don't have a real blog page, I cut and pasted one for my computer homepage screen. Now, I have a little icon beside other sites I follow. A sort of hybrid use? Speaking of buttons, I have a small container of tiny children's buttons that my Mom used when she made baby clothes for us and her grandchildren. They live in her sewing machine I inherited. Priceless!

  3. I put your pretty new one on my blog! I love how the flags are the only splash of colour; lovely, lovely.

  4. Thanks so much, ladies!

    Iris - the photo is linked to it's source - it's it sweet? I like to find vintage buttons on old thrifted dresses, actually! Those long button-down ones can have loads of lovely buttons on them. Garage sales are good spots, too.

    Winnie - that is so special! Priceless, indeed.


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