Saturday, April 21, 2012

Outfit | Queen Bee

 One Sunday afternoon while we were down in California last month, Ellen and I took a walk down this beautiful abandoned road.  An old, forgotten orchard lay underneath the setting sun, and in the distance vineyards spread, carefully pruned. 

We were so happy to have a break from working in the vineyard - for the record, my hands were too sore to hold a hairbrush.  Yet somehow I managed to hang on to my pruners! :)
 Torrential rains all the week before gave way to this dreamy landscape just before sunset, where the sleeping buds of spring were just on the verge of pushing through their harsh winter beds.

The sun felt good.  Really good.  I haven't worn sandals months?  My bare feet rejoiced!

My wardrobe is full of greens, blues, and pinks - floral colors are my favorites.  So when I saw this combination of black broomstick skirt next to a mustard tee in my suitcase, I was dubious.  But then I saw my hat and flipflops sitting there, and I couldn't resist:)  Black + yellow - way too much fun!

Happy clothes - hamming sisters.  A day of rest and sunshine.

Just a perfect afternoon.


  1. The yellow and black looks great together. I love all your outfits, Kellie. I love your style and all your clothes are adorable.

  2. Beautiful=)
    Everything is just beautiful - you, the photos (Ellen, you are an awesome photographer!), the lighting. Just lovely.
    Love ya,

  3. Totally coveting your outfit, especially your T-shirt. :) I am so happy I found your blog. I am excited to follow a blog from a born again believer. :)

  4. The outfit is beautiful, and I love your hat! :)

    Oh, and whoever took the pictures is an awesome photographer.

  5. Your outfit is adorable, and you look so pretty! And the lightning...amazing!(: Lovely photos!


  6. What a perfect day with a perfect outfit! Love those sandles! That sweet smile tells it all-- Two sisters carving out some fun and cheer despite the blisters from the task of vinyard pruning! Ellen has done a great job of capturing the moment's pleasure of respite that only "off duty" can inspire!!

  7. What a pretty outfit...and the photos are gorgeous, too!


  8. Absolutely lovely. :)

  9. That Outfit is so pretty. It looks like something I would wear.
    Have a Blessed Week,
    Purity Leigh

  10. You look good in yellow--lucky you! Love your skirt, too (but then, I have a weakness for "Gypsy" skirts ;-)). The picture with the breakdown of your outfit is my favorite--it looks like a still from a musical. :-D

    God bless, and have a loverly day, lass!
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  11. Oooh, the hat looks absolutely charming with that outfit! Lovely pictures and outfit. :)


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