Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello, Spring

At long last, Spring has sprung in my corner of the world.

It's definitely a milestone in my life - I made it.  Survived a whole winter in North Idaho in a wall tent 
- check.  

I was wondering if I would be able to do it, last year... and I did it.  It's intensely satisfying to see a dream accomplished.  And with the coming of a new season, full of fresh, new life, warm, sun dappled mornings, and clear balmy air sweet with birdsong, it feels like I've graduated.

Definitely time to hang out the hammock and celebrate!
What has this spring brought to your life?


  1. Kellie, how exactly did you make it through the winter in a wall tent? I'm living without abundant heating for the first time in a long while, and while I freeze in this relatively warm 50-degree weather I think about you, not even living in a house through the winter. I haven't even gotten to winter yet. Is there some secret, or am I just REALLY wimpy?

  2. Yippee for Spring with hammocks and dwindling need for a woodpile!! Congratulations on a successful living experiment in the Wall Tent Studio!! Inspiring, challenging, and beautiful all wrapped up a dream come true!! Spring does feel so renewing and all things seem possible once again. Let's hear it for birds singing in the morning and sunshine bringing back green in every direction. Brown be gone and green be here!!

  3. Well done!
    I had to smile at the hammock as we hung up our two just like yours this weekend under the apple trees. :)

  4. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!
    Congratulations on surviving the Winter, and a very happy "graduation"!

    Hammocks...*dreamy sigh*

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  5. Definitely an exciting milestone! A hammock would certainly be a fun thing to have around to enjoy the sun (or shade) in, but we don't have a good location for one.


  6. What kind of knot did you use to keep your hammock up? When it gets warmer here in Germany I want to hang up my new hammock! ☺

  7. Oh, wonderful, glorious SPRING!!!]
    That hammock in the shade looks beautiful...I may have to come over just so I can lay there and take a nap;) Actually, I may have to just come over regardless of whether or not I need a nap:D
    Love ya,

  8. Wonderful comments! Thanks, everyone!

    Victoria - well, first I'd like to say by the grace of God, who blessed me with an unusually mild winter this year;) Then, my wood stove is awesome. Lots of layers of clothing (tank, blouse, sweater, coat - three pairs of socks) and plenty of blankets are a must. And lots of exercise. It's harder to get cold when you're moving! (wood chopping;) And plenty of hot tea. =D

    Iris - well, I set out to tie a bowline, but looking at the picture, I see it didn't quite end up as one;) My knot works the same, though, in that no amount of pressure can tighten the knot too much - it can be untied easily yet hold a good bit of weight. See how to tie a bowline here:

    Tasha - bring your hammock over and we can tie it up over mine... and get a big tub of lemonade. :grin:


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