Thursday, August 09, 2012

In the Orchard

I opened my eyes, suddenly, and gasped.  
I really did, it was just so beautiful.  Also, my back was so very agonized.  And my brain was telling me it would be a good idea to go back to sleep for at least another two weeks.
Four hours before, Tasha and I fell asleep under the apple trees in her orchard, watching the sky turn from dull grey to silver as the dawn broke over the trees.  In a blanket fort constructed of quilts, afghans, and vintage brooches.

Oh, and saying...

Don't Blink.

To each other.

This was the first ever Orchard Sleepover, and Tasha introduced me to The Doctor.
We set up our tent - it's been way too long since I made a blanket fort.  Put it on your list to make a blanket fort this week... you'll love it.  If not for you, then for your children or siblings or the church kids.

Blanket forts are the best!
The moon was full, and the whole orchard was silvery and peaceful and lovely.
We set up the computer, and the end table, and the blue lights.  Pillows abounded.
Bananas and chocolate cupcakes with edible ball bearings on top (silver cake sprinkles) were the bill of fare, as well as French caramels, and chips.  Only we called them crisps.  Tasha and Alex made 3D glasses - there were special button badges, too, to commemorate the occasion.

Then we settled down to episode after episode of Doctor Who - I met Nine, who was cool and funny and fantastic, and Rose, who was cute and spunky and loyal.  And then came Ten.  And we squealed. Ten was brilliant and brilliant and brilliant.

Don't Blink.
Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back! Don't look away. And don't blink. Good Luck.

It was awesome.

Oh, and apples most definitely do not keep the Doctor away.  Just for the record.
Bonnie Dog 
KFD Originals - Allons-Y, Timey-Wimey, Run.
We were all fantastic.


P.S. Once you've seen Doctor Who, you know how things make you think of things.  There's a lot of stuff in this post like that for you.  Like the bananas.
For the rest of you, just enjoy the post, and smile indulgently at Whovians.  There's not much else you can do:)

P.S.S. Read Tasha's account of this extraordinary event here!


  1. Oh what a delightful evening!! I know it is not what the Lord wants "ENVY" but I must confess I am a bit Envious right now :) What a blessing to be surrounded by such beauty and to have Sweet company along with you.

  2. *squeal*
    That. was. awesome!
    Best sleepover EVER!!!

    Wibbley wobbley, timey wimey...

    Love you,

    P.S. I have some serious blog post catching up to do, don't I? ;)

  3. Oh, wow, that looks like such fun! And since I recently started watching Doctor Who, I got all the references (especially love the ball-bearings one). I haven't seen Blink yet, but it's so well-known that I still got it.

    I'm adding "sleep in a blanket fort with a friend" to my bucket list. :)

  4. QUOTE: "...For the rest of you, just enjoy the post, and smile indulgently at Whovians...."

    LOL! Especially if you're an Old-time Whovian who only has a vague idea what you New Wave Whovians are raving about. ;-)

    Ahh, blanket-forts. Scenes from childhood...only with Peter and me, it was silver-sided cardboard and old appliance boxes mixed in with the afghans. And they weren't forts--they were SPACESHIPS! :-D Guess growing up with Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who had more influence on us than we realized, wot? Hee.

    The blue mini-lights are so fun--they add a special touch to the atmosphere. And check out Bonnie-dog in her cool 3D glasses! What fun you all have!

    God bless,

  5. This looks like the best sleepover ever! I'm pretty jealous...(; Haha, it looks like Tasha has finally converted you to a Whovian! And I love all the references in this post.(:


  6. Tasha's made a proper Whovian out of you, eh? I wish I could get someone around here to watch it with me...It's extremely sad turning everything into a Doctor Who reference no one gets, though it's also extremely humourous!! :D Everything is "fantastic!", statues of any nature give you the willies (and you literally say to yourself "Don't blink!"), mummy has a whole new meaning, raxacoricofallapatorius is really not such a difficult word to say...I could go on. ;)

    Oh, and have you watched Sherlock yet?

  7. This was definitely the Sleepover to end all Sleepovers!! What a cool outdoor theater too. Totally awesome event. And it sounds like the introduction to Dr. Who was the perfect entertainement under the August silvery moon enhanced by those blue lights and 3-D glasses. Of course, Bonnie, just steals my heart with her adorable expression in those glasses!! Allons-Y mes amies! C'est tres bien!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Angelina!
    I'm so, so sorry:) It was a blessing indeed.

    Tasha - ...Stuff. Yeah you do!:)

    Victoria - I hope you get to cross that off your list soon;) Definitely watch Blink... it was good:)

    Wild Rose - Someday we'll have to watch some of the original DW so you won't be alone:)
    Blanket forts have such a special place in childhood!

    Vicki - At last! :grin:

    Mary Beth - Right proper. I have yet to see Sherlock:)

    Winnie - Bonnie is so cute, isn't she? We sure loved that caramel... :smile:

  9. YAY!!!! I love Doctor Who!!!!!!!!!! And I love 9, 10, AND 11! And bananas. FANTASTIC post! <3


    p.s. I have lots of DW freebies on my blog....just so you know! ;)

  10. I absolutley love this. I should do this with my little sister.

  11. YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!! She finally made a Whovian out of you!!! I was giggling through the whole post. Ball bearing cupcakes and 3-D glasses...MAN, wish I was there. Totally fantastic. Happy sigh!!!


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