Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lauren + Todd

Saturday was the wedding day of Todd and Lauren, a monumental occasion as the first of 'our set' to be married.

Friends and family gathered to see these two people unite as one flesh, declaring their love for each other and their commitment to Christ's covenant.  Light shone in Lauren and Todd's eyes as they stood before us, exchanging the vows that hold the very essence of a civilization in their beautiful, simple words.
Lauren's glorious flaming hair, the many dear faces reflecting the joy of the happy couple, the sun shining on a perfect august day.  It was truly beautiful.

The bouquet left Lauren's hand and described a small, graceful arc... hitting the ground well in front of the girls.

Algy wore his best suit and hung on my arm.

The rest of our boys looked pretty swell, too.

And the gleaming getaway car tore down the gravel road with a trail of dust and popping soda cans, hands waving, voices cheering.  Faces watching as they followed the road to a new adventure.


  1. Oh what a beautiful outdoor wedding! Lauren looked radiant and very, very happy. Algy did a superb job of capturing his first wedding! What a wonderful keepsake gift to the newly weds when you burn the photos to a disc for them to enjoy forever!

  2. You and Algy did a splendid job with these pictures! They're beautiful!!

    Lauren was such a beautiful bride...I still can't believe she's actually married. Doesn't seem like any of us should be old enough to get married, but we are. Goodness how time does fly...

    I'll have to pull my mom over to see the pictures:)

    Love you!

  3. Looks like a simply wonderful wedding. Lauren is very beautiful! I love the color of her hair! :) And of course Algy has once again done a superb job taking such lovely photos (and of course you deserve some of the credit since you were the one behind him directing his every move). :D
    Have a blessed day!

  4. Thank you for sharing these, Kellie! We were disappointed we couldn't make it to the wedding. You did a superb job capturing the special moments in these pictures.

  5. Lovely photos! Weddings are always beautiful occasions, and you captured some perfect moments.(:



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