Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prairie Weekend

Tasha came over last Wednesday and we made a sign.  It turned out very satisfactorily, in all it's green canvas and rose felt glory.  Lace doilies are perfection.

The week prior was such a flurry or prepping and planning, but it all came together and the excitement mounted as we prepared for the big weekend.
On Friday, Tasha, Alex, and I drove over to Past Blessings Farm for the set up.
Wonieta of Feather Your Nest was positioned between our space and the main path, and she was such a dear, offering Tasha space on her darling pink shutter walls for hanging Tasha's vintage millinery on. Wonieta was a delight to meet, and her good advice, generous spirit, and great sense of humor were matched by her ah-mazingly wonderful antique finds!
This person was extremely helpful as well.  He makes great knots.
He reinforced the sunbrella with a little broom - we're not exactly sure how my little sister's broom even got there - lashed to the pole.  A little boy walked by with his mother the following day, and was so smitten with the bonny implement that he yelled "Mommy!  Can I have that broom?  Please?  I like it!"  We got a good chuckle out of that;)
Over three hours of arranging, tweaking, and primping, and we were satisfied with our space.  Everything was tucked inside the tent and the doors tied shut, ready to be pulled out and readied for customers next morning!
Saturday morning - bring 'em on!
The line was building for at least a block before the gate was opened, and they came in through the grounds like a torrent.  It was amazing.
I commissioned my sister to build this clothes rack - she hand peeled and sanded, whittled and drilled, and I think it turned out beautifully.
My newest product is the lace collar top, which I'm loving.  It's a perfect transition piece from summer to fall, and adds a lovely bit of fancy to that practical and comfortable staple - the tee.  Look for them in the shop soon!
There was a large learning curve for Tasha and I, this being our first big show.  The weather was scorching, and as the day wore on, the tent got quite hot inside.  So we were notified by everyone who went inside of that fact as they came out - it became onerous;)  
So... that's why easy-up canopies are so common at craft shows!  Also, traffic flow wasn't optimal with only one doorway, so we had a lot to think about and observe for next time.  However, the new tent looked so adorable, and was a great conversation starter - especially for the men, who inevitably recalled old hunting stories on seeing it:)  I have so many ideas for this second tent!  It's a wonderful little set up, and the high frame is perfect for hanging things on.  Like bunting.  Lashings of bunting.
Also coming soon to the shop - this upcycled, lined, hand embroidered denim jacket that very well may be the prettiest denim jacket you've ever seen.  
Headbands, bobbies, felt needlebooks - sundry delights that and as useful as they are adorable!
Crocheted laptop sleeves, iPod cozies, and a smashing vintage hat by Wool & Whatnot.  Vintage books and wall hanging by KFD.
It was a wonderful sight.
Wall Tent totes by KFD, scrumptious ruffle scarves coming soon to Wool & Whatnot!
So many wonderful finds... sigh.
The setting was simply beautiful.
The vendors on our other side, 2Market Vintique, were so sweet!  It was a delight to get to interact with such generous, inspiring, talented people.  A big thank you to those ladies for everything they shared over the weekend, from ice water to shelving racks to great pointers - not to mention lots of laughs!
And so ended Saturday.
 (Photo by Glenda of 2Market Vintique)
Sunday morning we were at it again, only this time, armed with our newly gathered information, we re-arranged the space by pulling everything out of the tent and directing traffic in a curve around the booth.  It worked very well, especially as I think it was even hotter than the day before!  The tent served as a great backdrop.
Alex joined us Sunday with his newly published book, The Adventures of Rathdrum Willie and His Motor Car.  Visit the Official Willie website here!
We splurged on Peach Italian sodas.
Yes yes yes.
Sunday was much slower, with fewer shoppers.  However, that made for a more relaxing morning, with time for Bible reading and resting a bit after the crazy whirl of the previous day.
Our dear friend Michelle and her mom stopped by and found some great luggage sets!
We all made good sales - not as many as we might have, but the experience we gained really more than made up for that.  I'm eager to get all of the new items I have prepared into the shop and ready for an Autumn Collection launch!  
Each endeavor is just a stepping stone, a means of reaching the next goal.  Little things lead to bigger things, and bigger things can lead to places we can't even dream of.  I'm so grateful for this experience.
It was ridiculously fun.  It was a big headache.  It was confusing and enlightening, exciting and tedious.
And best of all, we had a real cool time.

Late in the afternoon, we packed everything up and headed home...
My bro met us at the State Park, where we all had two ice cream bars apiece while perched on the swing sets.  The ground was made of lava.  Thankfully, we had lava boots.  
Then we ran down to the lake and skipped rocks.  At least they all did.  I try.

Because we're awesome like that.


  1. Your tent looked great! Everything you both made is beautiful. : )

  2. What a fabulous store you and Tasha put together!! It all looks so professional and inviting . The setting looked just perfect for such an event and I am sorry that the heat was so troublesome. Who would expect Spokane to hit triple digits anyway????! I do love the hanging rack crafted by your sister. She did an amazing job and it is so perfect for the wall tent look!! I am looking forward to the new KFD offerings in the store for Fall. I am so happy you had a fun and successful weekend!!

  3. What a charming set up! I wish I could've gone! So many adorable handmade pretties!

    Well, done!

  4. Oh everything looks so lovely! I wish I could have been there, it looks like you had a grand time of it!! And I absolutely love the lace collar around the t-shirt. It looks so elegant and simple. :D

  5. Wow, your booth looked great! So cute, with the bunting banners and vintage "feel"! I did my first show this Spring, and it was also a learning experience for me. It was a really small show, not very well attended, and I didn't sell much, but I learned what not to do next time around!

  6. That was so much fun! Great post, dear:)

  7. You and Tasha had a lovely set up! You booth looks gorgeous and so cheerful!
    I do at least one Fiber Festival a year and though I never make as much as I might hope to, the experience is worth all the time and effort. I love meeting other vendors, bouncing ideas off each other, hearing their stories, getting to know my customers better, and just enjoying every little detail of the day.

    Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your weekend with us!


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