Friday, August 31, 2012

This August | sepember sponsor call

This August has slipped through my fingers faster than I ever thought possible.  Even though I always say that and one would expect me to start to come to grips with the fact one of these months.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the month that have not been shared till now.
 Going adventuring
Lauren's wedding shower
Summer sunsets
House sitting - how I do love to stay in a real house every once in a while! :grin:  
Door hinges, towels on racks, stairs, glass windows... this is the stuff that dreams are made of.
Some of the custom orders I've been working on for the shop lately
Our car is currently out of commission (bro takes his to work), so I had an adventure the other day when I received a rush order.  I've been shipping out Saturday mornings when my brother's car is available, but that wasn't going to work this time!
I loaded up my packages on Brownie - most of them fit in my saddlebags, but I had to tie one big square box on behind:)  We trotted along the country roads and lanes to the highway and made it to the Post Office, looking rather like Santia Claus and her steed.

Our good old post master thought I was trying to ship the horse when I walked in the door, holding the reins in one hand!  I assured him I was not.
Goodbye, August.  See you around sometime.

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September is going to be perfectly fabulous.

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  1. I love the trip to the post office on Brownie!! That is just the absolute best. All of the photos of August events were so beautiful and such a fun way to share with all of us some of the many highlights of your month. It is amazing how quickly time flys when you are busy, isn't it? It is amazing that we turn the calendar to September in the morning. If only there was a cool breeze to go along with changing the calendar. We are having temps in the upper 90s again all weekend with high humidity! Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

  2. Loved all of the pictures! So many wonderful memories of a wonderful summer.

    Love you,

  3. Linda Smith9/1/12, 6:40 AM

    I liked all the pictures, but the trip to the Post Office on Brownie looked so cool. Wish you had gotten more pictures of that. You made some wonderful memories for August...on to September!!!

  4. I was laughing out loud when you wrote about riding on Brownie to the post office. :D That is so fun! It reminds me something strait out of Anne of Green Gables or something. It sounds like you've had a nice August. I am super excited about September for that means fall, and fall is one of my favorite times of year. :) Lovely post, as always!



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