Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Snowy Interlude, and Oranges

A box of fresh oranges from a sweet friend in Florida made a very bright spot in the Wall Tent Studio a few weeks ago!
Orders have been humming out of the tent flaps on their way to amazing people who are helping me make my dreams come true.
Millie, in her nest, watches me work with an indulgent eye.  That cat is in clover.
We have over sixteen inches of snow as of this afternoon.  Working on the driveway, which will be too deep for our little tractor before much more of this!
The snow weighs down the logging tarp covering my tent, occasionally knocking down the exterior support poles that make the walls tight.  The canvas sags in the most loppity fashion till I go out and stick the pole in place again.  One of those things that you keep meaning to tighten up and never get around to...
Dark and rather chilly mornings aren't much fun till the fire gets going.
Evenings, however, with warmth and candlelight and lists crossed off, are very cozy indeed. 
Seeing friends is such a blessing, few and far between as visits are!
My constant companions.
A tripod has joined the family, though I probably won't name it;)  How I love this thing!
I love you all for loving the Doctor Who buttons/mirrors so much!  Allons-y to the bubble mailers, say I!
Early January should reveal a button-y sort of giveaway that you won't want to miss.
I made this no-knead roll recipe from Erica Lea, which she shared over on the Pioneer Woman cooking blog last week.  Double batch, 50 rolls, gone in an hour.
Statistics both complementary and depressing.

The biggest decision of my life so far faced me this week, and is leading to some tremendous changes in my world.  Praying, pondering, checking off those lists and making longer ones.
That's been my week so far.

And Christmas day - just a few more hours, it seems, and you'll be behind me.  
Don't be in too much of a hurry, alright?


  1. I love pictures of your wall tent! I do have one question, though-- how on earth do you keep warm?? I assume there's some sort of insulation, but with sixteen inches of snow on the ground.... brrrrrr.

    Oh, and the pattern on the teacup in the "constant companions" picture is tres adorable... do you know what it's called?

    1. I get this question quite a bit, and the answer is - when the fire's going good, the canvas walls insulate my tent amazingly... I can be perfectly comfortable in a tee shirt. There's just that wonderful material, canvas, between me and the snow. But when the fire's out - early mornings - well... I don't keep warm. It's pretty much what you'd expect if you were in any tent in the middle of winter:) The deep snow actually insulates my floor quite well, so it's warmer with snow than without it in most cases.

      Thank you! Isn't it? I thrifted it, so I'm not sure...

  2. Ooh, fresh oranges!! We're anxiously awaiting the package from my Grandma in CA which will contain fresh lemons and avocados from her trees. Heaven! I can imagine myself in grandma's backyard again when I smell those lemons.

    And I'm praying about those big changes in your life.
    Love you to bits!!

    1. Thanks dear:) Fresh lemons and avocados... heaven, indeed! Mmmm...

  3. Life is so full of polar opposites: oranges + 16 inches of snow; sunny home in a wall tent+ the reality of north Idaho winter; a young business + the question of moving on; the harsh reality of financial numbers + the risk of investment. Let us make another cup of hot chocolate, put the lists down, and be ready to see what plan D might be coming together. And let us enjoy the peace and love of the Christmas celebration first and foremost. I am off to get another cup of coffee and zip overto the tent for a visit. Save me one of those amazing rolls!!

    1. That is so true! Taking everything is little steps... with plenty of hot chocolate and rolls for all! :)

  4. Mmmm, fresh oranges. We've been noshing* on clementines and Satsuma mandarins on our end--one of the few things I like about the Very Cold Season! Coming straight from the Citrus Capitol makes yours that much more special, wot? What fun!

    * Noshing = British term similar to the American "munching"

    Change is inevitable--it can be downright scary, but if it's what God wants you to do, it can be an exciting new chapter in your life. You're in my prayers, lassie. *Hug*

    Enjoy the Christmas season--the love of God and His most precious Gift of His Son, the good times with loved ones...and of course hot chocolate!

    God bless and love always,

    1. Those 'cutie' clementines have got to be one of my favorite holiday treats! So good... oh, and The Doctor is pretty deadly with a Satsuma;D

      Thanks so much, dear!
      You and yours as well. Hope we can get together soon:)

  5. Hot chocolate, seconded. I think I need a cup right now... sadly out of chocolate, gonna do something with cocoa.
    I'm slightly envious of your snow; we had quite a lot, then it all melted down, it rained... today, we have a little. But just slightly; too much can be too much... But I suspect it somewhat insulates you, doesn't it?
    And oranges: beautiful colour!

    1. Mmm... happy coca concocting!
      Our snow is rapidly melting under a torrent of rain as well... yes! Like I mentioned above, the snow is really a great insulator.

  6. My family brought us several bag fulls of fresh grapefruits, lemons, and tangelos! Fresh fruit is so lovely in winter:) I always love visiting your blog, Kellie!

  7. Just wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas! Those Oranges look so tasty!
    I hope you are staying nice and cozy! My hot water bottle has been a God send! If you don't have one, you need one. If you do, then you already know how wonderfully wonderful they are!

    I've been hanging out with family and friends and made a short video of our doll party today. =] So, having a lovely Christmas!
    I hope you will have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!


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