Sunday, December 16, 2012

Outfit | Mary and Bright

grey fisherman's sweater - Tulle // denim skirt - Kellie Falconer Design
boots - sorelia earhart by Sorrel // mustard tee - thrifted // scarf -

Mary is a little plush hedgehog.  She makes me happy.  She lives in a cubby of my desk and smiles... oh, absolutely.  My little sister put her there one day, saying that she would make me happy when I was sad.

When I'm sad (and this is confidential, mind!) I either go for a walk with my camera, or...
I might occasionally be seen seated at my desk, with Mary sitting on my head, managing to dance wildly to the strains of Cantina Band from Star Wars in spite of my semi recumbent posture.  (Which is most indecorous.)  It's an instant hostile vibrations banisher.

But today, I'm not sad.  I have a new grey sweater acquired during the flabbergastingly amazing cyber monday sale at Tulle clothing, plus a half yard of mustard knit in my stash that was born to be a scarf, plus it's snowing.  Superficial things, but sweet.  
I have wood on my porch, I have packages being shipped out with the work of my hands and packages being shipped in with gifts for my family.
 Everything is merry and bright, in a quiet, everyday sort of way.

I wonder what will happen in my life this week.  I think something new is coming.  But I'm thankful for days that give us time to think - to treasure both all that we have, and all that is yet before us.


  1. Beautiful snowy day to showcase a lovely winter outfit PLUS confident! Your new sweater looks to be just the ticket for warmth and great style. And your denim skirt with those snow boots make everyday denim glammed upto the hilt!

    I do like your new header too. Very fun and festive with the new look! It sounds like things at the Wall Tent Studio have been the embodiment of north Idaho's version of Santa's workshop!

    1. Thanks so much, Winnie! Yes, that sweater is amazingly warm... love it. Glad you like the new header!

  2. Very lovely, Kellie! I can just imagine that if you were a Disney princess, your sidekick would be a hedgehog. :D They are so cute!
    Your blog is great!

    1. This made me smile so much... thanks for sharing that;D

  3. You have snow. You LUCKY DUCK. I'm sitting here cursing the 50 degree weather. HOW, I may ask, is someone supposed to get in the Christmas spirit without COLD weather and snow? ;) It's in the forecast for later this week...we shall seeeeee...

    adorable sweater!!!

    1. Oh, hope you get some snow soon, Ally! Yesterday our snow turned to rain, and I was sitting here cursing the five inch slushy my snow globe turned into.. Yick;D

  4. Plushies are the best! There's something soothing about cuddling a bit of fluff with sympathetic eyes when you're feeling Paint It All Black (or even just a little blue). And they make the best confidantes because they'll never tell any of your secrets! :-D

    As always, your outfit is fabulous, Dahling. That pop of yellow adds a touch of sunshine to the wintery background.

    Hurrah for Christmas commissions and gift-giving to loved ones!
    ...speaking of which, keep an eye on your mail.... ;-)

    God bless, and have a Merry Christmas!

    1. It's true:) Thanks so much... Ooh... I'll do that!
      Merry Christmas to you and yours, dear! Hoping to call you tonight... :)

  5. I have the same sort of hedgehog. I rescued it from my brother who was thinking to get rid of it (gasp).

    That is a nice sweater... someday I shall have to make or get one that I truly like.

    1. Mary has a twin! Good for you for saving him/her;D
      Best wish for your perfect sweater hunt!

  6. Your hair looks beautiful! I love how long it is.

  7. Ooh, and I LOVE the new header, too!
    Don't know if my first comment when through or not, but I LOVE the sweater!! :D

  8. Lovely outfit, Kellie! I think your hair is really pretty in those two french braids, and I love your new header! It's really pretty! And that snow looks so lovely! Hopefully I'll get snow here before the winter ends too. :)
    Oh, and these pictures remind me of something from a Louisa May Alcott book. So pretty and old fashioned. <3
    Wishing you a merry Christmas,


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