Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Outfit | Winterberry

Winterberry Corduroy Skirt - now in the Shop!
lace yoke 3/4 tee - thrifted // clip earrings - vintage gift
boots - Sorrel
Presenting the Special Edition of the Walk in the Woods skirt, the Winterberry skirt!

New for the Holidays! 

Replete with holiday charm, this beautiful, versatile corduroy skirt is made with the softest and richest of brown baby wale corduroys, making it as cozy as a basket of kittens and incredibly durable.

A glory of hand embroidered vines and berries crowns the figure-flattering sculpted waistband and darling and capacious pockets, adding both heirloom charm and a fabulously unique design detail.
The perfect skirt to add a splash of color and romance to all of your holiday events, or to just curl up at home with a handmade gift project and some wonderful Christmas music.  Thoroughly tested and stamped with approval for the above activities by me.

Where can you see yourself taking this skirt?


  1. Love the skirt! The little stitches just bring so much flair to the outfit! The boots...are they new?

    Where would I take this skirt??
    Any day I want to feel warm, comfortable and pretty. During the week for school and maybe even with a cute shirt on a wintery Sunday. ☺

    Iris♥ -The Blue Birdhouse

  2. Oh this skirt is gorgeous for winter! I am ordering one today. I have the same style in denim and it is just the most versatile go to item in my closet! I love how you styled it with boots for very cold weather and a bright Tee top for everyday comfort. Such a great look for winter season!!

  3. Yep. I'm using my brown corduroy for this skirt. It's beautiful, especially with the embroidery! And you look lovely, as always, dear:)

  4. Beauteous! Really love the boots!! And the embroidery is really exceptional! :)

  5. I love corduroy as it is and this skirt is beautiful! And I love way you styled it! Those boots are adorable, by the way!(:
    I have far too many pairs of boots, but every time I see a cute pair I always think just one more pair wouldn't hurt, haha!

    Lovely photos as well!


  6. Thanks, Iris! I got the boots last summer on clearance, but they are new. Love them... Great styling ideas!

    Thanks Winnie, Tasha, Kellie;D

    Vicki - I totally relate on the boots - is it possible to have too many pairs of boots? Boots are cool. We wear boots now. Hehe... I love the boots I've seen you wear on your blog! You have a great boot taste;)

  7. I love how you have your accordion in the pictures. :) I love my accordion but never considered including it in photoshoots! Great idea!


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