Saturday, December 29, 2012

Simple Gifts

Christmas Eve melted into morning while we were baking Spritz cookies. 
I was jolted from sleep at six by a cotton ball drenched in peppermint oil wafted under my nose, the dastardly ruse of a little sister to get everyone out of bed.  Laughing, yelling, shaking with cold, Ellen and I rushed to the trailer where a warm fire was already going, the overnight omelette (Tradition) was steaming, and pineapple juice was heating on the stove.

My brother just moved in to a house in town to be near his new job, and I miss him so much.  He drove down mid morning to be a part of the fun.
Each brown paper package was torn open, the little something inside each one simple but full of love.  I got a beautiful pencil sketch of my tent and an accordion-style paperdoll family, and my absolute favorite; Walker's Shortbread and a packet of pistachios from my bro.

Then we gathered gingerbread and coats, rounded everyone up, and headed down to spend the rest of the day with some dear friends. 

December is nearly over.  A new year is just around the bend... uncertainty, worry, fear of change may threaten to steal our joy, but through it all, just remember;

Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift!
- 2 Chor. 9:15


  1. Accept, O Lord, our thanks and praise for all that you have done for us. We thank you for the splendor of the whole creation, for the beauty of this world, for the wonder of life, and the mystery of love. Let us give thanks to God our Father for al his gifts so freely bestowed upon us.

    Prayers of Thanksgiving, Book of Common Prayer

  2. That scripture just sings to me! It is so true and I have seen his "unspeakable gift" of His Son and His love work wonders in my life. I am also experiencing fear and so much worry as the new year is nearly upon us, since it holds so many challenges for me and my family that will soon take place. But trusting in God is all that matters, for He will provide for us and you and all those who seek His help. What a glorious Father in Heaven we have!

  3. Thank you, Kellie! Change is most certainly around the bend for me in my neck of the woods, so this is super encouraging!!! God bless you! May you have a glorious beginning to the New Year!!!

  4. Simple gifts given with love are the most special. And hey! I got Walker's Shortbread, too--from my mom! :-D

    May God give you the courage and wisdom to face the changes in your life. You're in my prayers, girlie. <3

    God bless,


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