Saturday, January 12, 2013

A thousand tiny nows.

Someday... made up of a thousand tiny nows.

My someday can sometimes look so very far away - but when I look at it like that, each moment seems more precious, more important.  Tiny nows, which we fill with our thoughts, our decisions, our actions.
Such little actions.  
Sitting with my feet under my stove and my chair tilted back, one teacup filled with French hot chocolate and the other with pistachio shells.  Walker's shortbread on the saucer.  A peppermint stick.  My sleepy, fluffully kitty nodding in the lamplight like she always does.
Rosie (the adorably clumsy Berneese dog) sticks her head in through the tent flap looking like a stuffed bear head on the wall, and a blast of icy cold air comes inside like a knife. Her hello said, she tromps away, and I run to tuck the door shut again.

It was 9 degrees in here one night last last week - an orange I set on my nightstand was frozen solid in the morning.  (Which, by the way, is something I've got to try next summer...  Frozen orange segments would be so good in the heat! ;)

Our washing machine (which resides in the yard shed) has been frozen solid for almost two weeks, as the blow dryer we use to thaw it out inside went haywire on us.  (Gromit!  The trousers have gone haywire...!)  It was so good to finally get caught up on the last load yesterday.

I hope to be pulling out of this blogging rut, tires squealing, to finish up January in fine style.  There are so many ideas and plans I had for the new blogging year, but after all, there's still plenty of time:)

Plus, it's almost time to be thinking of the Third Annual Literary Heroine Blog Party!  I'm terribly excited about that, as it's coming up in just over one month.  As is my twenty-first birthday.

More on the party soon, and for now, keep filling your tiny nows with thankfulness, purpose, and meaning.  Someday will be here sooner than you think.


  1. Isn't being deeply in the now the most joyous feeling? Your photographs are beautiful. And that kitty looks really cute!

    Have a great Sunday.

  2. This is very much what has been on my mind the recent few days... not the trouble of freeze, mind you, but the way someday is only made up of many, many nows... though I did not quite think of putting it that way. But, you know, preparing for an exam someday in the future is basically preparing now and here, so that's one facet of what you're talking about. ;-)

    And I've also been just thinking whether the Literary Heroine Blog Party would take place this year! Looking forward to it - I've had some heroines added to my "repertoire" by one of the courses I took this semester. :-)

  3. Oh, La,La! That French chocolate looks so divine paired with Walker's shortbread and pistachios in front of the warm fire! A perfect combo to fortify the soul after coming in from the beautiful snowy January landscape! Mildred Kitty has the winter routine down in famous cat fashion...paws and tail tucked in, warm woolen blanket, facing the warm fire, and most likely purring in gratitude!! I am so happy to know that the accumulation of little nows have brought resolution to a few domestic things that had gone awry!
    Sometimes ruts can be the very thing that helps us gather our determination together and once again push forward towards our dreams. It sounds like you have a great purring friend and tasty treats to help you dig out of the snow drift! Allons-y

  4. January always seems to freeze inspiration. *sigh* These photographs are lovely and your new header with the silhouette is darling, dear Kellie!

    Oh, and I can't wait for your Literary Event again...'tis a highlight in the wintertime. ;)

    >>------> joyfully tending her garden walk @

  5. You have a way with words. I am going to remember that.

  6. Ooooh!! I LOVE your cat! I AM the crazy cat lady and I sorta jumped inside when I saw that adorably cute ball of fluffed-up orange fur! I'm just crazy about cats that way. ;)

  7. That's a neat way to put it--an incentive to make every "now" count for something. It gives one a feeling that we needn't (indeed, shouldn't) wait around for Someday to come--we can prepare for it now, and then when Someday does come, everything (or nearly everything) will already be in place for us to enjoy it. Thanks for the inspiration, dearie. You're in my prayers.

    God bless,

  8. It sounds so cold in your corner of the world, Kellie! Though today it was rather cold here too, it was 14 degrees when I walked to the bus this morning on my way to work. I kinda can't wait for spring to come, but I am trying to take each moment as it comes and be content. :)

    Love your writing style, Kellie, it is so refreshing and nice to read some true honest words about things that I've been thinking a lot about too. It kinda seems that we always tend to wish for things that have not yet happened -- and the hear and now get kind of lost.

    Oh, blogging ruts are not much fun either but then again, to blog just to blog is not much fun as I'm sure we all know. Sometimes it's okay to step back and draw inspiration from living our lives more fully, or at least with more curiosity or from a different angle. Then we can come back to our blogs with things to share that is more heartfelt, more honest, more true. <3

    I can't tell you how much I love reading your blog -- as it brings with it a thoughtful way of thinking that hits close to home.

    Praying that you have a lovely day!
    Much love,

  9. Beautiful....I too tend to live in the future....always thinking about "one day" instead of looking at the beauty of now.


  10. what a lovely way to think of it. :)


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